Hong Kong Diary III

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Up bright and early on the second last day to go shopping! CHIONG AH


Didn't take much photos after this cause we were busy shopping!!!! Walked so much till my feets cramped :(

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BEST buy throughout the whole trip. These babies are from Underground! Got them at a super discounted price, super happy when the staffs told us that they have it in our size. Last pair for both somemore i think? #thankyou


Got up even earlier on the last day. Super upset the whole time (except during brunch cause how can i be unhappy when there's yummy food infront of me??!)


Went over to Pier 88 稻香超級漁港, dim sum for brunch at Mong Kok and did some last minute shopping before heading to the airport!


I must say most of the dishes here are super yums!!! This corn-filled thingy is super good???!? And i don't even like corn.

IMG_2822 IMG_2828

Super huge juicy prawns~~~


I don't know what's this too but we saw so many tables beside us ordering this again and again so we knew we had to try it too and it turned out to be some kind of vege (i think??) puff but it's SUPER GOOD. Mad soft melts in mouth (literally) kinda good omg AAAHHH want some nowwww


Another good dish! Filled with char siew inside yum yum

IMG_2833 IMG_2834

Oh this and the xlb below are not quite good though... Sigh didn't manage to have any awesome custard buns during this trip :( Anyone knows where to find really good custard buns in Hong Kong???

IMG_2832 IMG_2837 IMG_2842 IMG_2838

Desserts at Xu Liu Shan! Hmmmm what's the hype about this....? I think ok only leh??


And then we walked around to do some light shopping and went back to the hotel to chill before saying goodbye to the past 5 amazing days.....

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Can you see the hills behind all those skyscrapers? That's where the Peak and huuuugeeee houses are at! Right on top of the hill!

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I must admit it was an amazing trip with the boy. First time travelling out of tiny sg together! I saw how patient and sweet and dependable he is........ Eh but how come he isn't so patient with me when we shop for my things in sg ah??? Hahaha but anyhoo, even though it was just a short 5 days trip, it was the best 5 days spent together. Ever. I know i tend to take f o r e v e r to decide on what to eat, what to drink, what colour to choose for the dresses, which top to get etc etc and it's sometimes very frustrating for him but he still accepts all my nonsense and fickleness no matter what so to you babe, thank you :* But i think i probably gonna be like this my whole life so too bad for you, sorry you just hafta get use to it cause i am sticking with you hehehehe


Still deciding on the design for the tee shirt giveaway so if any of you are interested in it, i'm waiting to hear suggestions from you! I'll only be holding this giveaway if there's enough response ;)

Have a good week ahead loves shoo Monday blues! X


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