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Loving the weather nowadays!!! It was so cold on Sunday so i decided to throw on a scarf before heading out to meet my favourite girl in the world for din din!

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Meet Elinor :)

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So anyway, MooJaa kindly invited me to try their new Thai BBQ steamboat, also called Mookata, and i decided to bring E along since i know she loves mookata! Hehe plus it's the perfect weather now to have BBQ steamboat right!!!!

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We had a set for 2 and omg just look? They have scallops, abalone slices and CHEESE BALLS!!!! E who tried several mookata before told me that other mookata restaurants don't have these items so i was quite happy with MooJaa's menu! The cheese balls were the highlight of the night really, when i had my first bite into them, the cheese literally squirted out. Do yourself a favour and order them when you're there ok? :D

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The difference between the mookata and the normal chinese BBQ steamboat is that the grill is in the middle while the soup is surrounding it. So the juices from the grilled meats will trickle down into the soup, giving it a really good flavour at the end. Super yums!!! Meh doing this post makes me kinda hungry -____-

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We spent like 2 hours+ in the restaurant stuffing ourselves silly and came out feeling really bloated but so happy! I once dined at another mookata restaurant and i wasn't so wow-ed by it... It was just "meh okay i won't say bad but i will never come back again..." kinda experience for me but this time round at MooJaa, i really enjoyed the food (SO MUCH), the service and the whole ambiance there that i told Jens that i wanna bring him there someday and let MooJaa changed his perception about mookata too hahaha

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Well now since i had my share of yummy comfort food, i really want to do something for you guys this Christmas so i'm going to invite 2 lucky readers to dine at MooJaa for FREE! All you have to do is:

1. Like MooJaa's Facebook page here
2. Share this post on Facebook
3. Leave a comment in the comment box below with your name, your Facebook name, your email and what are your plans for this coming Christmas!

It's so easy! I will be picking the 2 lucky readers on the 24th so fire away and leave your comments NOW!!!!!

Good luck!


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