Happy Sunday! Just a little update on my weekend... on Friday Matt and I popped to N4 Street, a new burger and burrito restaurant right by Finsbury Park station. At first I thought the vibe was a little off, you know when something isn't quite right but you can't pinpoint what the problem is? We discussed this on our walk home though and decided that it's just a new restaurant and it's yet to fall into the swing of things... Any way all was forgiven when the food came! The burger was super tasty - though just a heads up I recommend wearing a bib - and Matt had a chicken burrito which was enjoyable too, (I'm not a massive burrito fan). We also ordered a very generous side of fries and breaded chicken strips, which came with a delicious buffalo sauce and were amazing!

Yesterday we went to Dalston to pick up some film and I couldn't help but have a little look in Beyond Retro whilst there.... I ended up walking out with two pairs of new shorts for summer! I then realised they were having a huge sale next door so picked up another pair of shorts for just £4 and a cute 70s style green t-shirt for £3. I went off of vintage shopping for a while but I think my love of frayed denim and moth eaten men's cardigans must be returning cos yesterday was a blast! In the evening we had friends over for what's likely to be our last BBQ in this house. Matt and I are moving East to share in a beautiful warehouse conversion; it's spacious, light and perfect for shooting in! I literally cannot wait.

This morning I got up and tidied the house... I have some bits to get done this afternoon and it's good to work in a clean environment. I'm very aware that I haven't been posting on here much over the last few months and for that I'm really sorry... I've just been busy with other boring life things and haven't felt motivated to blog. Hopefully this is just a phase and I'll be back with you shortly, but until then please do keep in touch through instagram!



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