Happy New Year!!

Two hours until 2014!!!! I still cant believe how fast the year has gone.  This year for me has truly been amazing, I was the kind of person that always felt like things were never happening for me or going my way, but either way year after year I would pick myself up and keep on fighting.  This year is the first time I can say that its been the best year of my life, so many great things have happened like buying a house, getting engaged and so much more.

I have also become the person I want to be, taken more risks and finally cut out the negativity in my life 100%.  I have so much more to achieve and still wish to become a better person and I cant wait for what 2014 will bring.

I want to say a big massive thank you for all of you guys, I cant believe people actually check my blog and actually care enough to leave a comment.  I'm super grateful for the growth of my blog and its all down to you guys, Thank you so much!!!

Happy New year to you all and I hope your dreams come true in 2014 xxx


I cannot believe that yet another year has passed. My Dad once told me that as you get older time passes quicker and now I completely understand what he meant. 2014 has been a complete roller-coaster of love, happiness, creativity, progress, stress, sadness, confusion and pride; needless to say I've been so consumed by life that this last year has whizzed by!

I began 2014 recovering from months of run down illness that just didn't want to shift - it took a long Christmas break to fix me. I was in a dead-end job, which was making me grumpy, insecure and depressed. To make matters worse I didn't have any money to spend outside of work so I was bored and restless too. I filled my weekends with Matt, photography tests and blogging to keep sane. I feel very proud of everything we managed to achieve on those weekends.

It wasn't until late summer that I finally had the guts to move on and try my luck at freelancing. It was really, really tough coming from an in house job with little industry experience and putting myself out there to find work. Although it was stressful and I'm now worse off financially than I was before, taking that leap of faith was the best thing I've ever done. I spent four or so months outside of suppressing office walls focusing on myself and my career, meeting new people and seeing a side of London I'd never seen before; my eyes were opened up to a completely new way of life.  

Most importantly, all of the above has now lead to an amazing job opportunity, which I'm very excited about and starting next week! I'll tell you about it in more detail in the new year I promise! For now though I'm just about to pop into central London to brave the January sales. First point of call, Cos, of course - and I guess I'll also be checking out my other high street favourites for a few bargains, Topshop, Forever 21, you know the sorts. I hope you've all had an amazing 2014 and here's to an even more wonderful 2015 ahead!  


On boxing day I went for a walk on dartmoor with Matt, my Mum, and Alfie the dog. These days when I return to Devon I find myself truly appreciating how beautiful the area is with its vast landscape of rolling hills, forests, woodland, rivers and tors. Seeing Matt's photographs of these things has emphasized its beauty somehow, and now when I do go back, I try to go on as many walks as possible! I still find London the most inspiring place on earth, (though I haven't yet seen much of the world so this may well change), but there's definitely something magical about being high up on dartmoor with seemingly endless space around you.

Here I'm wearing my new Motel shirt, which I got at their most recent event. I don't often, (if ever), wear red, but this is a really lovely deep, pinkish red with a cute pattern all over it. It's also a great oversized fit with a batwing shape that's very flattering!


Merry Christmas 2015!

Merry Christmas everyone; I hope you're all having a lovely Christmas break! Just like every year, I've spent the past week in Devon with Matt, my family and the rats. We've filled our days and nights with walking, eating, drinking, playing board games and watching films, its been magical.




On Christmas day I wore my new playsuit from The Fifth. It has ties at the waist which can be knotted at the front or back so I decided to have it at the front to make the outfit look a little more dressy. Oh and my new bag is from & Other Stories, I bought it whilst in Copenhagen!

The Scarf Tucked In Belt Trick

 Well, I call it a trick because the people who look at you will think, "How did she do that?" when in fact it's just a scarf looped around your neck, you know, the normal way everyone wears one, except I just put a belt on to hold it in place. It makes a scarf a little more wearable all day verses looking like I belong in the outdoors.

In my personal opinion, the bigger the scarf the better with this look. The one I am wearing is fairly light, but it worked just as well.

Here are some of my favorite oversized scarves that I think you might have fun belting this season:


This Christmas has been wonderful. Following our fantastic trip to Copenhagen, (rain and all), Matt and I travelled down to Devon where my family live and we've spent the last few days eating, drinking, relaxing, playing games, watching films, walking the dog and generally having a Christmassy time.

Christmas Eve is always my favourite part of the festive holiday; it's exciting and in our home we always have roast dinner on the evening of the 24th rather than the 25th so that it's more relaxed. This year my friend Ria popped over for a catch up and to exchange presents too... she's nearly 6 months pregnant and is looking so well! After dinner we'll usually play some board games before watching a film and putting my younger sister to bed. This time we all sat down to watch The Snowman.

Christmas day was lovely as always; we spent the morning opening presents then went to my Auntie's for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I wore my new Farhi by Nicole Farhi roll neck, which is so snuggly! You can treat yourself to 10% off on orders over £100 at Repertoire Fashion at the moment by using the discount code FASHIONSEAT10.... the code lasts until 20th January; enjoy!

Matt and I also went for a late afternoon walk as the sun was setting, which was really pretty. Some of my favourite presents received were my Dot by Marc Jacobs perfume and an amazing selection of books; Not that Kind of Girl, Bob Mazzer: Underground and The Wes Anderson Collection. I'll show you these in more detail when I manage to sit down and look through them properly. Matt also bought me a beautiful Cos dress, (though I may have to exchange it for another size, booo), and a film camera. I also went to see my Dad and more family today and he gave me a sparkly new Olympus Camera to use for blogging! Feeling well and truly spoiled!

I hope you're all having a fabulous holiday. Where did you spend you Christmas and what were your favourite presents?


I just wanted to say a quick hello and show you some of the amazing gifts that I received this Christmas… this year was particularly special as I spent it with Matt, and my family to of course, and we spent the day opening presents, eating delicious food, playing games and watching television. Perfect.

Mum and Dad bought me the beautiful shoes pictured above, (I can't wait to wear these once back in the city and away from all the muddy fields), and they also surprised me with lots of retro toys from my childhood which was fun! I will try to get them all photographed to show you. My biggest surprise of all however was the shiny new iPad mini that Matt bought me! I think he secretly bought it for me so that he can use it to, (joking), but wow what a wonderful surprise and so thoughtful! Did you get everything you wanted this Christmas?

White Is Right For Winter!

People say that wearing white in the winter is just plain wrong. I ask those people to give me one good reason why they think this, and they stumble every time. 

When wearing white in the winter all you need to know is to watch your fabrics. Wear white in heavier weight cotton, corduroy and wool and you will be just fine! 

Trust me, wearing white in the winter can be quite invigorating and it will wake up your senses every time you put it on. And we need all the help we can get during these dark days. Here in Maine the sun is setting around 4:00pm! But some days it seems to be dark by 3:30 with all those clouds in the way. Gotta love Mother Nature!

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