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"I say, when you're young, wear as little clothes as possible. You have the rest of your life to be tacky and overdecorated. Grandma won't be wearing cut-offs."
— luluandyourmom

Moo pixels #1

snap_116 snap_125 snap_119 snap_126 IMG_1833 IMG_1753 IMG_1816 IMG_1821 IMG_1825 IMG_1828 IMG_1832 IMG_1851 IMG_1838 IMG_1841 IMG_1853

I named my iPhone Moo.


x222114_1774675725446_1195908192_31603776_1896148_n x229422_1774675285435_1195908192_31603774_1083382_n x224029_10150118186337325_564227324_5661354_4589783_n x231158_10150118188417325_564227324_5661379_7881062_n x227244_10150118196607325_564227324_5661493_1055407_n x230808_10150118194677325_564227324_5661463_3637254_n x226815_10150118192892325_564227324_5661442_7047930_n

Good job kitty! Good pose, good timing!!!


hey kitty kitty


I'm amused by how (inserts adjectives here) i look in this picture. Don't judge.

x229106_10150118189687325_564227324_5661397_7104319_n x225666_10150118188527325_564227324_5661380_6694768_n x226968_10150118192287325_564227324_5661434_5804718_n xSDC14908 xSDC14916

I really need to either trim my overgrown bangs or leave it as it is... Decision decisions

xSDC14922 xSDC14927 (2) xSDC14927 (3) xSDC14927

Nommmz. Did i just make you hungry?????


Unkempt hair and naked face : (


Anyone wants to get me SK-II? I want the bo-ing bo-ing flawless skin too leh

SDC14984 xSDC14960

Awesome girlfriends who came over at 10pm the day before my birthday to surprise me. How can i not love them?

xSDC14965 xSDC14968 xSDC14970 xSDC14974

Tell me YJ is like super cute????!!

x218348_10150176585273813_647018812_6942841_3429592_o x220132_10150176587623813_647018812_6942869_2795438_o x240100_10150176587843813_647018812_6942872_2340081_o

Haven't seen my favourite girls for weeks now. If any of you are reading this, i miss you!!! When will be the next time we see each other omg?

On a happier note, I passed my freaking tp - that means i can drive legally now. And i've not 1 but 2 Chloe perfumes sitting in my room. Hurray. I think i might just start collecting perfumes / scented body mists.

Cameras - Which would you choose?


Canon Powershot G12


Sony A33


Fujifilm FinePix X100

I'm thinking of getting a camera soon but i know nuts about cameras so please help me out here if you can or if you think some other brand/model of camera is better! It'll mean so much to me and i'll appreciate it really!

Drop me a comment here -


Popin' Cooking Donuts

xSDC15011 xSDC15012 xSDC15015 xSDC15018 xSDC15022 xSDC15023 xSDC15024 xSDC15025 xSDC15034 xSDC15040 xSDC15047 xSDC15051 xSDC15050 xSDC15052 xSDC15064 xSDC15067 xSDC15072 SDC15089

Virgin popin' cooking! Surprisingly the boy enjoyed the whole process as well. One of the best, well-spent time together yay

If you haven't heard of popin' cooking or want to try out too, i got my set from this website!

Haven't been taking much photos nowadays... I hate my camera. I can't wait to lay my hands on a new cammy!!!!! Any suggestions??

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