My Kilim Cardigan

What is it about this new Kilim Diamond-Tapestry Cardigan from TALBOTS that made me immediately think, MUST HAVE?

First of all, this kilim print is classic but sort of has a modern and edgy look to it. That was my first initial thought. Then I felt the fabric. An extremely soft and light cotton and linen. Whenever I can wear something that is made of natural fibers, I do. There is nothing like looking cool and feeling great at the same time!

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And of course I managed to incorporate something vintage into my look as always. Find my pretty 1960's vintage white seed bead necklace at The Canny Canary by clicking HERE. As always, there is only one available.
Gotta love unique vintage jewels!

Five Outfit Ideas For Your Work Week Ahead

Day 1

It's Monday. Why not start out your week soft and sweet? This amazing look from TALBOTS is one of my favorites. I was going to save it for another day but I figured Monday was just as good as any day to look fabulous!

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Day 2 

Tuesday's look is comfy but still looks professional enough for the office. Who needs to wear a suit to make a great impression? This look is totally put together and professional.

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Day 3

Wednesday's look is a little more polished. Maybe you have a meeting or a job interview. Whatever you have going on, this look will get you through.

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Day 4

On Thursday you may be meeting the girls after work for a pre weekend get together. This look is perfect for work but also can transition into an evening of conversation and cocktails quite easily. I adore the color of this ruffle band collar blouse from TALBOTS. They call it Rivera. 

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Day 5

Today is casual Friday! And you didn't think you would make it did you. This look might be comfy and casual, but the jacket makes it still look put together enough for work. If you can't wear jeans to work try some chinos instead on casual Friday.

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I am wishing you a wonderful week full of inspiration and daily celebrations! 

Tribal Shorts

Top - Zara sale
Heels - Zara
Skirt - Topshop
Jewellery - H&M

Hey guys, I hope your having a good start to the weekend so far.  I have spent the day looking for venues for my engagement party.  Now I'm watching the Brazil and Chile game, which is so tense at the moment.  Is anyone else following the world cup? I must admit I'm not into football, but I love the world cup.

I wore this top to work yesterday and my boss said I looked like sunshine :-) Mustard is such a vibrant colour.  I bought this top and two other items in the Zara sale.  I work right next to a Zara and trust me the fight not to go in there everyday is real lol

I bought these shorts last year but have never wore them, it has a matching top which I wore here on the blog last year, but I'm yet to wear it as a set.

Primark AW13 Collection

 I did a OMG and scrolled back to the top of the page to make sure this really was a Primark collection!! I thought this amazing collection would be to selfish for me not to share.

I do shop in Primark once in a while, to be honest there are more misses then hits.  But what I love is when you find those gems, like a top that looks like you spent at least £50, but in Primark its £8, your a winner!  The shoe range is killing me softly because I want them all!!

PS to all my beautiful international ladies that do not have a Primark, Asos is now stocking them here!!! Its a new deal so I'm sure it will take them a while to put everything on there.

Virgos Lounge Peplum Top

Top - £17 Virgos Lounge sale
Jeans - £40 Topshop
Shoes - £25 Chicnova
Bag - £12.50 Tesco

You know I was raving about Virgos Lounge just before my Birthday and wore this beautiful dress from there in this post here .  Well of course I couldn't just buy one item, so I browsed through their sale (they are quite pricey!) and found this lovely peplum top.  The detail is everything! its peplum, zig zag, beaded and leather!  and I haven't seen anyone else wearing it,so I had to get it.

I wanted to continue with the splash of white theme so I wore my comfy white wedges and can you believe this bag is only £12.50 and from Tesco supermarket out of all places!!! I was doing my usual food shop and passed the clothes section which I never look at, it was the only one left and was just staring at me.. Love at first sight haha

I've been sprinkled with pixie dust!

Contrary to popular belief, the length of our hair does not define how feminine we are. And to prove this, I am on a long hair strike! 

I am tired of seeing women struggle to get their hair long to please a man or someone else besides themselves. Don't get me wrong, I always want to please my man, but if the only way of doing that would be to get my hair to look like a Victoria's Secret model every day then I would know that he isn't the man for me. On the other hand, if I wanted to wear my hair long like a Victoria's Secret model, as I have in the past, then I would, and I will again, when I feel like it. But right now I feel like sporting the pixie. My bangs are a little longer than a typical pixie, but maybe next time I will get them trimmed up a little shorter. Change is not only good, it's fun!

And for all you ladies growing your hair out and struggling every day to please someone else, stop doing that. Trust me, they will love you no matter what you do to your hair. You must please yourself before you can even begin of thinking about pleasing someone else. And you're smart enough to know that doesn't only pertain to your hair style........

And this is not a long hair bashing post. I love long hair and I have had it for quite some time. This post is strictly meant for pure inspiration for all you ladies out there who have ever thought about chopping it all off but didn't know if you quite dared to do so...


Lately I am loving anything with tassels......

Trust me. Tassels are trending.
(Try saying that ten times fast.)

I love this simple little rope tassel belt that I got from J.Crew a few months ago. The color that I have on is no longer available but the one pictured below is just as pretty and is totally available.

It looks cute through the belt loops of my light wash jeans, but today I decided to wear it with this lime green skirt from TALBOTS.

I also chose to wear this sweet little vintage Trifari pearl & rhinestone gold necklace 
from The Canny Canary. I thought it was the perfect accent for this simple 

It was a fun and cool look, but I did get a bit chilly off and on during the day. So I layered on this white pointelle cardigan from Talbots from time to time. It was perfect.

My earrings, gold cuff and ring are all vintage and can be found at The Canny Canary.

Click HERE to shop vintage!

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