Who loves bags?

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Say hi to my first caramel coloured bag!!!!

I'm really surprised by how spacious this little bag is and how it is not overly girly but still feminine enough (i hate it when things get too cutesy/girly). +1 more for it because this is probably the first bag i brought home and my mom likes it yay


Got to thank Tian Fen Lan for sponsoring this bag : ) I had a hard time deciding on which bag i want because there are so many designs and yummy colours. If only i had unlimited amount of $$$ i wouldn't think twice before getting those that i want sigh....

But oh well if i can't have them all, the most i can do is share the love with you guys. There's deinitely a bag for everyone so go now or regret!!! And while you're ogling at the bags at TFL, why not also hop over to PolkaDotPigs (TFL's sister site) for chic and affordable apparels? I heard they are gonna launch a new collection tonight.....!

Don't say i didn't give you a heads up ;)



Thescarletroom have updated! Go check it out now!

Be right back

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If you ever miss me.

Will be back real soon.

Wish me all the luck for my upcoming papers this week, would you?

Oh and by the way, i admit that i don't really care, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE. I actually just like the fireworks in the sky every year on your birthday.


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