Lost all signals

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Staring at this space, hitting the Backspace button countless times, trying to string my thoughts into words, waiting for time to pass...

Gloomy tired Thursday.

Standing tall and high

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Waiting for Jens to come over and pick me up (yay mwa) so we can go get some fuckn awesome tau huey from Lao Ban if it's still open else we are going to get ice cream! Having this huuuuuge crave for sweet stuffs for daysssss it's frustrating and doing no good to my waistline, sigh

I've 10 over sandfly bites on my ankle right now it looks so bad and diseased that i cringe every time i look at it. Plus the itch is killing me....... No joke. + Work tomorrow, bleh


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An ad shoot i did a while back and now it's finally up. The shoot was so fuss-free and fun! I remember myself thinking that the photographer was just doing test shots until he said "Ok done we got it!" hahaha. I think they are in...Cheers???

5:40pm Is it possible for someone to be sick of being all bright, high and cheery? It is perfectly ok to feel down and awful and hate the world sometimes without any reasons right.... Right?

We found love in a hopeless place

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This bunch of girls i met through working at BFF, which is, by the way, the best job one could ever have. (Whose bosses would bring their staffs out to party and drink and get themselves drunk and insanely funny?!) We rot, we eat, we cam-whore, we stone, sometimes we party, we eat again, we waste time, we cam-whore again, we complain, we have our awkward moments here & there - That's our Fridays for you. I love how they make my Fridays complete, even though sometimes we just don't do anything at all. ♥

Internship Week 6 Day 1 - I feel that i've grown. I'm not that young and naive Me i'm years ago. I learnt that there are different kind of people around, the real, down-to-earth ones, the funny ones, the "i'll only cover my backside" ones, the fake ones, they truly kind and naive ones.... I've learnt to accept them all.

This is life and i'm only starting to experience it.
And maybe not liking it...

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