So a couple of months ago i got the honour of working with Linda Hao for her baby shop - Yesah! It was a really relaxed and happy shoot, super different from all the other photoshoots i've had before. Ah so much fun!!!!

yesah20 yesah11 yesah23 yesah15 yesah24 yesah7 yesah8 yesah1 yesah26

Favourite outfit has got to be the last one! Loving the pants and the forever young top and the pink choker AND the shades!!!!! Not paid or asked to blog about this, i just really love how the photos turned out haha. For those who haven't heard about Yesah, please visit them already! A lot of quirky, interesting clothes and accessories on sale... And you get to ogle at really really pretty pictures of Linda herself and ex-mtv VJ Holly Grabarek ;)

Ok ok i know you're clicking on the red cross on top already... It's ok i still love you. XX

Advertorial: Thejuicemarket

Ok i'm guilty for not updating this space but but i've so many things to blog about! So many photos to share that i've no idea where to start or what photos to post haha but anyway first thing first! I've been meaning to say thank you to Sophia from thejuicemarket for gifting me this really pretty monokini from the new JUICESEA collection and also for being so patient to me because i took forever to blog about it hee


The first thing that came into my mind when i saw this piece is to layer them under my super sheer tops. It's so perfect!!!! Loving the cut outs SO MUCH i can't even explain


I had such a terrible time deciding whether to get the navy, burgundy or the black piece but in the end i chose black because i'm boring like that, gah. But seriously if you can, get all the colours!!!! Can play with the colours and layer them under all your sheer clothes (which i really really love the look of it omg) or wear them as it is........!


Like for the upcoming Zoukout??! I swear you'll look amazing and so sexy AND stand out from the crowd because every girl out there is probably just gonna be dressed in bikini hehe

Thejuicemarket just opened another backorder and it's the 3rd backorder already so go place your orders quick because i don't think there will be another one after this.
You snooze, you lose!!!!

Don't say i never warned ya.

Bad day

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The only two photos i have during my stay at Fullerton hotel over the weekend because some asshole decided to steal my phone during a photo shoot today......... I'm honestly really heartbroken and upset that all my photos in my phone are g o n e forever. Sigh sigh sigh why didn't i back up my phone yesterday???!


P/S: To those who texted me and i didn't reply, i'm sorry okay don't kill me. Email me if it's urgent! X

Elite Model Look 2012

Okay so today i've an annoucement to make.....

Not many people know about this because i didn't want to announce it until i know i made it to the finals. And now i did so i just wanna say it out loud that.............


I got through the island-wide casting and became the top 48 semi-finalists and was invited to Fullerton Bay Hotel for a event. I was actually quite nervous because i'm gonna meet some of the other contestants and i'm awkward around new, gorgeous people but it turned out just fine though!

598887_374771349268754_2072103802_n 579195_374772949268594_1854802252_n 377548_374775025935053_1454730370_n

We first had our hair and make up done in the room by these awesome make up artists!

550111_374774832601739_1057216016_n 644701_374775129268376_2116968526_n

Then the event started and we had to look classy and mingle around~~~


One more group photo with the girls in the room after the event!


And on last Saturday, it was the semi-finals. There were 48 girls and 22 guys and only 12 girls and 6 guys will be selected!

269961_376857439060145_1503219281_n 22415_376856672393555_171638221_n 61151_376856729060216_1384640210_n

Pretty Natali!!! :*

559514_376857425726813_1587582011_n 396266_376857479060141_829950823_n

Getting our comp cards!


Then it was time for the casting.........

544884_376858395726716_1210952501_n 387705_376858705726685_459786877_n 409321_376857999060089_1169678802_n

The panel of judges - EML Singapore Director, Mr. Eric Ceret, Ms. Justina Kozicki and Ms. Lisa Crosswhite


We had to showcase our catwalk up and down the carpet thrice and honestly i was shaking so bad inside and on the same time, i can't stop thinking whether i look good, or if my posture is straight, and do i smile or do i give a stern face yada yada.... I was so upset after my walk because i felt like i didn't do a good job :(

But like what people say, always have confidence in yourself and just give everything that you're passionate about a try because you'll never know who will find potential in you!


And YESSSS I got into the top 12!!!! So thankful to be given this chance because i would never have thought that i could make it..... Sigh


The 6 male finalists!


Right after the semi finals, we started a whole lot of workshops... Busy busy busy. We have our schedule all packed for next week all the way till the finals on 9 Nov! But anyhoo, on Monday we had a fitting at Francis Cheong's!

Afterwhich, we got chauffeured by Volkswagen to the Volkswagen showroom for a photoshoot!

550554_10151122546748741_1634314040_n 544946_10151233063316838_190244110_n IMG_2295 IMG_2292 IMG_2293 IMG_2296 IMG_2297 545561_10151233064266838_1097854281_n

Not really a fan of my hairdo because i felt that it didn't complement my face shape? But i guess i just have to try to make it work?? Hahaha

So yup that's about it so far! Will share more later :)

The grand final will be on 9 Nov at Hard Rock Coliseum, Resorts World Sentosa. Everyone is welcome to come and watch and support! Tickets are sold at Sistic so go get yours k!!! Click here to know more!

Also i need a favour from all of you... Just a small one! Please vote for me!!!!

Just by voting, you'll get to win 2 tickets to the grand finals and also a weekend drive with a Volkswagen car of your choice!!!!

VOTE OK I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH X See y'all on 9 Nov, Friday!

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