Advertorial: Ashincans

Super overdue post (thank you E for being so patient!!!) but here goes.......

Received 3 amazing pieces from Ashincans and i gotta say i love how they fit me so well!!!

IMG_0493 IMG_1285 IMG_0498 IMG_1267

Everyone needs a simple black collar top and this piece here is, can i say the purrrrfect one?! Material is awesome. Loving the double layer, especially the outer soft mesh layer :D


Second piece that i got was this pair of shorts! I love the fit and how it looks sooo good with my white studded bralet that i wore it again during Jen's POP hee


Ok and here's my favourite out of all 3!!!



IMG_0507 IMG_0504 IMG_0512 IMG_0505

Two toned super lightweight with studs on the shoulders top! Super comfy and and you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion with this. What's not to love??! I brought it along with me during my BKK trip 2 weeks back.
Me & awesome top 1 : Humid BKK weather 0

Gotta thank and love E for gifting me these 3 pieces! If you haven't already heard about Ashincans (but i bet most of you do already ;), then head on down to their website NOW. Click the banner on the side bar! Start shopping your long weekend away because one can never have too much clothes and because today's a public holiday!

Ok i am not making any sense here but whatever you get my drift right? Right.

Happy Hari Raya Haji to all my muslim friends and readers out there!!
Oh and halloween party tomorrow...... What are YOU dressing up as?

(not sure what i was doing that day with my tiny table mirror but i sure look like some ding dong hahahhahaha but loving the makeup and colours so yup!!!!!!! there are a few more but i guess i should spare your eyes......... hahahaha ok skip it if you think i'm crazy and don't want me haunting your sleep)

P9241157 P9241150 P9241152 P9241156 P9241158

I just survived 14 hours of school today, i know right???! My school is crayyyy i really suspect they are out to kill us. Another 14 hours tmr, 830am to 10pm YUP CRAZY SHIT. It's 1am now and i've to get up by 6 later sigh god bless me. Gotta go! Hope thursday will treat you guys well! The weekends are nearing so hang in there ok? Mwah goodnight xxxx :)

School and me

Did you guys expect a blogpost on Sunday? Hehe sorry! I was a lil busier last week...


I was in the shower just now and thinking about what i am doing with my life right now. You know school and shoots.... I love my work, i can do it forever and i never want to stop but tbh i'm kinda worried for my studies. I know it's only about 2 months+ into my first sem but yes i'm stress already. I can't handle numbers and graphs at all. I'm so bad at studying i don't even know why i was so determined to continue my studies in the very first place. I had this sudden urge to give it up just now, to tell my parents and let them nag at me forever but part of me refused to give it up. I don't want to have this regret in me forever for not completing my degree, i don't want to acknowledge the fact that i'm no good with books and that i'm stupid. I keep telling myself if others can do it, i'm sure i can right??!

Sure you will see me going to work every single day without fail if i have to, even if it means i have to wake up super early in the morning. But when it comes to school... I just can't seem to be as hardworking. I absorb new info slower, i'm not smart. When i go to class and i see all the smartypants and hardworking people around me and deep down it stresses me SO MUCH and i'll go like "wtf am i doing here actually"

I wanted to tell my parents this just now, not about quitting school but just letting them know that my heart isn't with my books, but the thought of letting them down and seeing worried, disappointed faces makes me want to cry

and i'm tearing now wtf wtf is this you weak bitch

Really damn sian and sad. Can anyone out there feel my pain??? :'(

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