Happy Weekend!

So a couple of days ago, my parents and a few other friends told me that they saw a photo of me on the newspapers and because i don't read my papers daily #guilty, i've ZERO idea what they were talking about until i went out and got myself a copy. Hahaha only to find out that it was because of the STClassifieds Fashion & IT Showcase 2012 event!


Ok let me introduce and run you guys through about what's gonna happen this weekend (28 & 29 July) at 402 Suntec Convention Centre....

Firstly, there will 2 fashion runway shows! Who doesn't love watching fashion shows?? There will be different online labels on each day so if you can, go down on both days to catch all!

Secondly, there will be a grab-all-you-can clothes buffet at The ScarletRoom's booth on 28 & 29 July and Earlgreyparty's on the 28 July! I'm not sure if there will be pre-launched clothes or clothes you see online already but if you guys don't already know, TSR & EGP sells really pretty clothes - I love!!!

Also, there will be other really great deals (e.g. grab bags etc...) from other merchants at other booths! So a tip for y'all - Go down early to be the first to grab all the awesome pieces!

Thirdly.... *JENG JENG JENG*

LUCKY DRAW sponsored by Reebonz!!!! Someone on my formspring asked me where to find good quality and affordable bags? I'm telling you now, you can find them at Reebonz! They carries luxury brands such as Celine, Prada, Givenchy etc. at a discounted price! I know they are still quite pricey after the discounts but i really think it's super worth it? So if you haven't check out Reebonz yet, and is willing/wanting to invest in a good bag then remember to click here!

So anyway! Here's your chance to win either a Kate Spade or a MBMJ bag sponsored by Reebonz! This lucky draw is open to everyone and each visitor is entitled to one chance. But y'all don't join la ok please??? I want the bags all to myself..... Hee

There will also be a showcase segment called "I'm a Fashionista!" on the 29th. You can vote for your favourite by clicking on the image above. The winner will be announced on Sunday itself too!

If you guys are itching to shop.... I'm gonna grant you your wish! Just head over to STClassified website or the above image and you can get to buy items shown at discounted prices :)

So are you interested in this event yet??? Just register with them and you might be the lucky one to stand a chance to watch the runway show with me as a VIP! You will also receive a goodie bag (while stocks last) at the door with great vouchers and deals from participating merchants!

Really interested in the shows on Sunday but too bad i probably can't make it down so i shall head down to take a lookie on Saturday! Join us as we spend 2 days together with over 300 luxury labels and all-time favourite brands.
If any one of you are going down, please say hi? ^_^

Place: Suntec Convention Centre Hall 402
Date: 28 July to 29 July 2012
Time: 10 am to 8 pm

RSVP over here

See you guys!!!!!

Hong Kong Diary I

IMG_4924 IMG_4926 IMG_4948 IMG_4947 IMG_4943

I don't care if you think it's lame to take in-the-air photos but i really love them! So pretty! Looking at them makes me happy (˘v˘)


One more! Where are the carebears?!

IMG_4925 IMG_4927

And then we landed! Half mega-excited and half annoyed with the crazy static going on in my hair

IMG_4928 IMG_4930

Went to the babycafe at TST and i swear, ok maybe it's just me, but seeing all the gorgeous Angelababy's photos on the wall and menu makes me not want to eat at all. Hahaha i know i sound damn ridiculous but it's true! Anyhoo greedy me will always be greedy me so eventually i still went ahead and ordered this baby platter! Most of their dishes are baby-sized i think!


Softest, juicest, melts-in-your mouth salmon EVER

IMG_4934 IMG_4936 IMG_2572

West Villa for dim sum brunch on one of the days cause i heard the reviews are quite good and i was so excited to try but seriously it's just............. Overpriced and average dim sum :(


But the restaurant itself has a pretty nice decor, not bad customer service and very good lightings to take photos hehehe

IMG_2577 IMG_2578 IMG_2580 IMG_2581 IMG_2582 IMG_2585
IMG_2588 IMG_2586

My favourite item to order whenever i have dim sum but West Villa's custard buns are definitely not the best i've eaten before. The skin is too thick and the custard doesn't really flow out when you pinch the bun open boo :( Unlike the ones i had at Taste Paradise today!!!


It was so gooood. Filled full of awesome fattening custard and salted egg yolk. Swee Choon ones are really good too! Ok so anyway i was very disappointed cause i was expecting much more from West Villa.... Oh well!!!

Okiedoks abrupt end hahaha will continue the rest in the next post!


Anyway something exciting is happening this coming Sunday!!!!


Venue: Zouk (Zouk, Phuture, Winebar and Velvet Underground)
Date & Time: 22nd July, 1pm-9pm
Runway show happens at 3:30pm sharp

Find out more about it at https://www.facebook.com/events/458096224209246/ and remember to RSVP!!!! I'll be there so see you guys :)

HK sneak peek!

IMG_5981 IMG_5982 IMG_5987 IMG_5990 IMG_5996 IMG_5992

Was editing my photos from my HK trip in May (ok i'm super guilty for taking f o r e v e r) and i felt a sudden sadness in me.....


I'll be posting them over the next couple of days hopefully but these are just some sneaks for y'all! We wasted quite a bit of films because me and jens damn gey kiang we went to take photos of sceneries.... AT NIGHT with a polaroid. Hahahhaha sorry we're n00bi3s. And sad to say, we didn't take much photos at all. Quite a bummer but oh well there's always a next time and i'm looking forward to that already hehe :-)

Be right back soon i promise x
Happy midweek guys hang in there i can smell the weekends already!

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