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If you are reading this blog I sincerely consider you my friend. Taking time out of your day just to read what I have to say? You better believe that you are my best friend! And I only let my best friends, in on the little secrets in life that I believe will make them happy and one of those secrets is that my favorite place to shop is having a HUGE event right now! 
TALBOTS of course.

I also consider the readers of Laura's Style my family. It's like I've got this awesome little group of ladies who actually want my style advice. I am a very humble person, so the idea of that sometimes makes me a little nervous. You actually rely on me to give you style advice! I know what it's like to be a real woman living in this real world and fitting in isn't always easy to do. When we get to a certain age you'd think that we would all play nice with each other! Some do and some don't, but I believe that I am here on planet Earth to help you look and feel your very best and find your place in the world of real every day fashion. It can be done and you do fit in.

Now let's get shopping!

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Oh, and if you'd like you may click HERE to shop my favorite pieces from Talbots

Stripped Shirt

Skirt - Primark old
Heels - £12 Primark
Shirt -  £25 c/o Oasap
Jewellery - Diamond Petal

Happy Saturday everyone!  Today I'm staying indoors and getting on with some work.  Once in a while I always have the urge to spend the entire weekend inside, just to recoup and have a break from the outside world.  Do any of you guys get that? Also my birthday weekend is next week and I have so much planned!  We have always made it a tradition for the birthday person to have the whole weekend dedicated to them, so cool.

How amazing is this shirt guys! I saw this shirt in Zara a few months back and kept it on my invisible wishlist in my head ( I know we all have one haha).  When Oasap allowed me to pick an item this shirt was a clear winner.  I love the contrast of the main stripes and stripes on the pockets.  I decided to pair it with this old skirt from Primark which still had the tag on tut tut! to be fair it was too tight before, meaning I have lost weight since then, which makes me a really happy lady :-)

Ripped Jeans

Jeans - Topshop
Bag - H&M
Heels - Gift
Top - Primark

Hey Guys, I'm back!! I'm so excited to get back to blogging.  I have already been married a little over a month.  The wedding was everything I hoped for and more, it was truly the happiest day of my life.  After the wedding we left for our three week honeymoon in Thailand, it was amazing! I will be sharing more about Thailand  in another post.

It was 34 degrees everyday in Thailand, but it was a nice surprise to come back to sunny weather in the UK.  This is what I wore on the weekend, these Topshop jeans are amazing, they fit around your curves and the rips are perfectly placed.  I need the black version now!

Thanks for passing by and also for sticking by the blog even during my lack of blogging xx


Leather pants - £12 Primark
Peplum top - £14 Newlook
Heels-  £25 Boohoo (sold out)
Bag - Gift
Necklace - £9 Diamond Petal

It's a week since I last blogged! Time sure does fly when your busy.  I have received the most amazing news and I cant wait to share it with you guys soon.

I wore this outfit yesterday to the cinema with my boyfriend. I really love the contrast of the oxblood top and pants.  I paired this outfit with nude shoes to break up the oxblood tones. On to the shoes, when Valentino came out with these ( see here) I feel in love.  I'm not really into designers but I love unique designs, but as you can see the price tag is crazy.  When I saw these great copies at Boohoo I didn't hesitate at all.  I only bought them a few weeks back and not surprising they are sold out.  But I'm sure there's a lot of copies around the net right now.

By the way I watched Oblivion with Tom Cruises, I really recommend it if you like action films mixed with scfi-fi.

Where in the world do you wear a maxi dress?

There is no doubt that maxi dresses are going to be HOT this summer, but I hear a lot of ladies say that they don't really know where to wear them. I am here to help with that! Most ladies feel that maxi dresses are casual and would never consider wearing one to a summer wedding or cocktail party. The truth is, you can wear a maxi dress for any occasion. I am especially loving the idea of wearing a maxi dress to a fancy cocktail party. Just picture yourself wearing a long sleek black cocktail dress with a side slit going up one of the legs, while all the other women opt for the traditional little black mini dress. How boring. I know, I am such a rebel! But just look at these black maxis below! Amazing, right?

Below are four of my favorite maxi dresses from Macy's for formal weddings or dressy evening affairs:

And here are eight of my favorite maxi dresses from Nordstrom to wear casually this summer:

But this question still remains. Can you wear maxi dresses to the office? I have one word. 
Some of you who adore maxi dresses may fight with me on that. The truth is, they are just not professional looking enough. They are meant for fun occasions, which is why you may insist on wearing one to the office, so you can feel like you are having fun. And I totally get it, but you just shouldn't do it. You wouldn't wear ice skates to the beach just because ice skating was your favorite sport would you? 

Leather Peplum

Jeans - H&M Similar
Heels - Forver21

Hey Guys, I hope you all had a lovely Easter.  I had four days off and as always its gone to quick! back at work tomorrow.

As you can see I have changed my blog layout and name! I will make a separate post about it, but I hope you like it.  It took me literally one week to change, I'm not much of a technical person, so its been a pretty frustrating and slow process.  I took these pictures last week but had to put it on hold until I made most of the blog changes, I still have a few tweaks, but I'm really happy with it.

I wore this outfit last week on a dinner date with my boo, dressing up was long over due, so whipping out my fave but super comfortable heels was a must.


Heels - £26 Zara (Similar) 
Blazer - £7 Primark sale 
Jeans - old 
Celine top - Ebay 
Clutch - Primark old 
ysl inspired ring - £6 Diamond Petal

How is everyone enjoying the sun?  and it's not even only for one day, were in for some warm weather for the rest of the week! I haven't even taken pictures outside yet, these picture was taken last week and I totally forgot about them!

I'm wearing a few of my favourite newbies, the now famous Celine top and my lovely monochrome heels from Zara, there so comfy! The link above is for a similar one, but they still have these in-store.


Since starting my new job back in January I've been terrible, I repeat, TERRIBLE with money. Excited by the regularity of "that time of the month", (payday that is), I've been eating out, enjoying mid-week wine and the most bank breaking of all, shopping. For once I am completely on board with summer trends and am finding it hard to resist retail therapy; either I'm having an early mid-life crisis or I've turned into a summer person!?

Back to the point - there are so many amazing styles on the high street at the moment! I popped into the Oxford Circus New Look the other day and found lots of great 70s bits as well as cute dresses and basic tops, they're a great go-to place when shopping on a budget. These adorable white dungarees for example are just £24.99! I was asked to style them in three different ways ready for summer... here's what I did!

I thought this vintage floral shirt looked super girly and cute - perfect for summer! As the dungarees are white it was actually harder than I thought to style them, just cos most of my wardrobe is quite dark and I don't like too much contrast in my outfits. Of course I still couldn't resist throwing my new black DMs into the mix though! (I had to throw my old ones away cos they were so trashed!)  

For my next two looks I chose to utilise the only two striped garments I own! This long sleeve funnel neck top is great because it's not really warm enough for bare arms yet, and I added t-bar shoes for a cute little twist. The last look is also very summery, I'll definitely be waiting till June to wear this one, brr! Again, I wore black Dr Martens and also my black leather backpack for an overall monochrome look.

Where to buy a little black dress.....

When in doubt, whip that little black dress out!
You do have one, don't you?

{My little black dress is from TALBOTS and you can find your perfect style by clicking HERE or by simply clicking on the photos above and below}

If you do not have a little black dress, do yourself a favor and find yourself one that fits like a glove and makes you feel terrific every time you put it on. You can wear a little black dress to work, out to dinner, to an evening wedding, and even out shopping on your day off.  Dress it up or dress it down depending on your footwear and accessories. It's best to purchase one that is fairly plain with no embellishments so that you can style it many different ways for many different occasions.

And below you will find some of my most favorite little black dresses of all time! I guarantee at least one of them will be perfect for you.

Brand Spotlight: Virgos Lounge


Images taken from Virgos Lounge

Virgos Lounge is hands down my favourite on line store.  There is no other store like them or even similar.  Their designs are so unique and vibrant.  Some of their dresses remind me of the timeless dresses my mum use to wear in the 90's that you just don't really see around any more.  

I actually bought my Birthday dress (which is next month) from here, I cant wait to wear it! now all I need is the perfect shoes to do the dress justice.

How to wear mixed prints....

......in order to NOT look like a crazy person.

The answer: Very carefully.

Just kidding.

Mixing prints and patterns is super easy and anyone can do it. Some ladies that I encounter believe that mixing it up is for the "young." That really makes me upset! Why do those ladies choose to limit themselves? Dressing up is fun and there is nothing that makes it more fun than putting different prints and patterns together!

Now, I must say, mixing prints may not be for everyone and just because you are seeing it on trend right now doesn't mean you should try it. Everyone has their own style and you are entitled to be who you are and if you don't feel great wearing something, or if you put it on and you feel like you are trying to be someone else, then you should take it off immediately. On the other hand, you won't know how you feel about wearing something if you don't try. So, just try. No harm done.

Here are my tips for mixing prints and patterns in order to not look completely crazy:

1.) Stay within one color family. 

2.) If you introduce another color just make sure one of the patterns is neutral.

3.) Be confident! Don't act shy about your mixed up look. 

4.) Mix only two patterns at a time.

And here are some mix and match scenarios for you: 

flowers & stripes
polka dots & flowers
stripes & polka dots
polka dots & chevron
paisley & tweed
windowpane & flowers
flowers & houndstooth
gingham & polka dots
ikat & stipes
batik & ikat

I seriously could go on and on. But I think you get the idea.

Below are five of my favorite mixed up looks. So, do you think you will try it?

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