Colour Block - Green and Blue

Trousers - Select
Shirt - Primark
Heels - £12 Primark
YSL look-a-like ring - £7 Diamond Petal
Bracelet - H&M

I haven't colour blocked in a while, today I wanted to feel sunny even though the weather looked gloomy.
I'm a bit bummed because its starting to get dark before I get home from work, so its so hard to take pictures outside, does anyone have the same problem?  But i found this wall near my house that will get me by!

Cut out top

Wedges - £25 Garage Shoes
Skirt - £32 Ebay
Top -  Rare Fashion
Ring - £7 Diamond Petal
Necklace - Old
Bracelet - Newlook

I'm posting this outfit 5 days late, shame on me! I wore this to the cinema on Friday to watch Savage, what a great film, not what I expected which made it even better.

Summers officially over, boo! I don't know when I will next wear a skirt or shorts which is so depressing.  I know the UK has freak weather so I'm still holding out for one last heatwave.. A lot to ask right.
To all of you still enjoying some nice weather, please please send some our way!


Remember I mentioned a few posts back that I've a Brazillian Waxing deal for all you? Yes you - both guys and girls. It's finally here! Are you excited to give it a try?!


Strip is like my favourite place to visit every 1-2 months!

IMG_9113 IMG_9115

So the other day I went down to the outlet at Mandarin Gallery and had my bwax done! I really like this outlet because it's tucked in one corner so you get a lot of privacy! And the quietness in the building just makes it feel damn atas hahahaha

IMG_9096 _AM_2723 

So for Brazillian virgins, i know you must be having questions like... 

"Does it hurt like crazy?"
"I'm shy."
"Must I strip naked totally?"
"Is it safe?"
"Should I do it?" 

And many more I'm sure but not to worry cause your therapist will prepare you through this virgin rescue book! 

_AM_2720 _AM_2722 

Yes this. I was super shy the first time too! But read that ^ and think about it. It's true! 


And for those of you, brazillian virgins or not, if your pain tolerance is really low, just request to get a few drops of this bach flower essence under your tongue! It's said to calm you down and make the whole bwax process less painful! 


So I was led to my room.... 

_AM_2734 _AM_2733 

Some selfies first of course!!!

_AM_2731 SAM_2962

Ok so Strip now has this Strip-a-licious Brazillian Wax combo campaign going on. Basically they will use the strawberry wax first to remove your hair then the chocolate wax to double remove any stubborn hair that did not manage to come out during the first wax. After which, they will apply a cream called "Ice Cream" to sooth your skin! It's gonna have this cooling effect which is pretty shiok cause your skin below is definitely gonna be extra sensitive after the wax! Ice Cream is also retailing at S$51.36 if you want to get a tube!

They are having a special price for this Bwax combo (you must not miss, it's super worth it!) now so.... continue reading and i'll share it below!


Strip places hygiene first so your therapist will never double dip into the wax so don't worry! And yes, the wax is heated if you're wondering! 


Something for you to read while getting it done :) 

_AM_2725 _AM_2726 

And more selfies even during the process! Hehehe. It is really not that painful guys!!! 


So now there are 2 ways you can enjoy a cheaper waxing experience:

1. Go to any Strip outlet, find this huge yummy looking ice cream standee, take a photo with it (like i did above^), instagram it with the hashtag - #stripsundae #stripalicious and tag @stripsg and show it to any Strip counter and receive a $10 vouchers that can be used on ANY treatment!

2. For a limited period only till 6 October 2013, indulge in a serving of Strip's Ultimate Brazilian Wax Combo at $25 (U.P. $62) by purchasing a voucher here! Apply promo code "FrancescaT" during check out and get additional 10% off!



Where to find good and safe brazillian waxing at such an awesome price?! And to those who have been telling me that they are still not very comfortable with getting it stripped off down there and are just looking to wax your pits or wherever, well there you go too!

Oh and for the gentlemen who wants to keep it hygienic down there too (who says you can't?!!), you can call and request for a male therapist if you're not comfortable with a female one! So no worrriessss :D

In my own opinion, i feel that brazillian waxing is kind of a must do thing to me cause it really keeps you clean and makes you look and feel good (yknow it's kinda like a boost to your confidence because you feel great inside and that confidence sometimes just makes you feel sexy?).

I hope i made some of you happy with all these promo prices so you can at least give it a try... At least once in your life right? :)


White Ribbons

Skirt - £3 H&M Sale
Top - Primark (old)
Heels - £12 Primark
Jewellery - Diamond Petal

I just walked in my house at 11pm exhausted from a work event, I started work at 8am.  Any normal person would have gone straight to bed, but I haven't posted for a while and I'm having posting withdrawals! So I decided to take a picture of the outfit I wore to the event.  I wanted to keep it nice and simple but just gave it a splash of colour with the pink bag.

By the way, £3 for a skirt from H&M how amazing right, that's why I bought 3 in different colours, you definitely cannot go wrong! Night all xx

#2 Outfit under £30 - Rare

Dress - £10 Rare (here)
Heels -  £12 Primark

I wore this outfit last Sunday to a christening, it was a beautiful sunny day but all the pictures I took came out way too bright!  I was was just browsing throw my iPhone and noticed this picture I took above, how amazing is the quality considering it was taken from an  iPhone. 

This lovely dress is from an online boutique called Rare, they house the most amazing dresses, even better I think they have the best online sale I have seen this summer.  Other than this dress I couldn't resist buying other pieces too.  Que my second outfit for under £30, this was so unplanned,  and this outfit only comes in at a mere £22.  Who says you have to spend a lot to look a million dollars at events you normally would go all out for.

The cheeky monkey in the picture below is my beautiful cousin in here amazing outfit, I tell her all the time to start a blog!

Wicked Steals

Came across this blogshop awhile ago and i love love love their stuffs! The kind owner from Wicked Steals gifted me 3 items which i really like and have been wearing them a couple of times now..... Ok i shall let the photos do the talking!

 photo IMG_8913xx.gif _AM_2796 _AM_2775

Paddle Pop Tee

It has such pretty and intricate details and it's the perfect short tee! I think it'll look really good in either washed skinny or boyfriend jeans!!!!

IMG_8676 IMG_8681

Mint Floral Dress Romper

I don't usually dress myself up all flowery and girly but you know there are days you just want to look demure and sweet but not TOO much and this piece does the job :D

SAM_2494 SAM_2507 SAM_2517 SAM_2525 SAM_2534

Leather Backpack

My favourite out of all 3! So chic! I have been on the hunt for black backpacks for the longest time but just can't seem to find one that is in the right size or design until i came upon this..... Life is complete. I have been wanting to match this with almost every outfit ever since i received it. From jeans to skirts to dresses to shorts..... Hehe

It is really a pleasure working with Wicked Steals! Thank you for mailing them out so quickly and being so patient with me x

DRx Tricho Hair Treatment #1

Last week i had the honour of meeting C from The DRx Clinic and he introduced me to this Tricho Hair Treatment! This treatment is to treat hair loss, helps to regrow hair by stimulating the scalp and hair cell metabolism and increasing blood flow which will trigger hair growth!

I was of course super excited because i have very little hair and my hair are really, really fine. I was told the success rate for this is more than 90% and results will be seen in 2-4 months. OH GIMME MORE HAIR ALREADY

I then went for consultation and the therapist gave my scalp a thorough scan to see where/what are my problems.....

*gross pictures ahead, you've been warned*


For people with thicker/more hair, you shouldn't been seeing such wide hair line/s but as you can see above .... my scalp is shown clearly. It is also the area where my hair drops the most so if i don't get it treat soon, it's the first place i'll start balding over time.

I have really lil hair on the sides of my head as well... See the area my therapist drew on? I'm supposed to have hair over there. This is also why i don't look very good with my hair tied up :(


*close ups*

My scalp/hair is the healthiest at the back. See how lil hair i have on the top of my head (it's gross when i swim or sweat or go directly under strong bright light because you can totally see my scalp, ugh) and even lesser, finer hair i have on the side of my head.


*even closer view*

Therapist said my hair looks like baby ikan billis. See they are not even black! Like you can hardly even see them... :(


Each healthy hair follicle should have 3-4 strands of hair so my scalp/hair at the back is pretty healthy compared to the ones on the top of my head. Only 1 strand per hair follicle leh see! How can???! :(

I've had enough years of having fine thin hair, so i think it's time for me to have thick, voluminous, crazy hair right?! It's only fair..... I'm so ready for it!!!

I am not gonna put my hopes up too high that i'll suddenly have healthier, thicker and more hair but it doesn't hurt to give it a try right? Will update this space and bring you guys through this hair journey. Only honest opinions, i promised. I'm not oblige to say good things about this treatment if i don't feel that it works so... Hang around this space till the next hair update! Only pictures will tell the truth hmmmm

Starting my first Tricho Hair Treatment later in the morning. Can't wait to see how it is like!!!!!

Follow me on twitter and instagram (@itsfranxcesca) for mini updates!

Girl with hair woes,

Those Sunglasses

Dress - Forever 21 Dubai (old)
Sunglasses - £6.99 Ebay (here)
Wedge Boot - £24.99 Garage Shoes (here)

I wore this outfit to work on Friday, London has been graced with gorgeous weather, so its nice to still be able to break out a dress while it last.  I also wore my favorite sunglasses, I wore them out so much on holiday, and for the price that they are I might even purchase some other colours!

I was in a very silly mood when I took these pictures as you can tell, these are the toned down version of my silliness, the other pictures shall not be posted for your own safety! ha ha

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