Last Sunday was a random day out to Sentosa, Universal Studios Singapore! Wanted to visit the SEA aquarium but (no idea how) we end up at USS instead.... Hahaha but i'm not complaining! Never getting bored of that playground. Just upset that the Human and Cylon rides were closed that day :(


Bad picture but can you see bubbles behind me!!! I literally just ran infront of the bubbles and snapped this photo can. I'm sucha kid but bubbles make me happyyyy

SAM_2345 SAM_2355 SAM_2342 SAM_2343 SAM_2362 SAM_2368 SAM_2386 SAM_2376

All ready for the Shrek 4D show! I've watched it like 3x already... Are they ever gonna change the story??! -_-

SAM_2385  photo SAM_2393bbbbb.gif

Good lighting calls for some selfies shotssss

SAM_2389 SAM_2388 SAM_2366 IMG_8121 SAM_2340 SAM_2337 SAM_2403

So happy i got my turkey leg!!! This is huge i tell you. So meaty and yummy! I love itttt must buy whenever i'm USS hahaha

SAM_2405 SAM_2364 IMG_8143

Thank you Fashion Martini for the crochet peplum top and Ohsofickle for the sunglasses!
And Jens for spending the day making me a happy girl :)


Can't believe i'm saying this but i can't wait... No i'm actually dying to hit the gym tomorrow. I missed working out today because i had work till late and now i'm feeling bleugh like hell. Hope this motivation stays!!! *pops muscles*

Have a great week ahead y'all x


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