Xmas 2012

MERRY XMAS!!!!!!! *throws confetti*

Ok first thing first, i'm gonna pick the 2 lucky readers who joined my xmas giveaway now! Because christmas is on the 25th, so i'm gonna pick the 2nd and the 5th person who commented and they are................ *drumrolls*

Untitled1 Untitled2

Congrats babes!! I've sent both of you an email so please check your inbox for more details and reply me to acknowledge within 24hrs else another winner will be picked ok!

To be honest, even though the response for my first ever humble giveaway (hehe) isn't that great but i'm still really really happy reading all the comments you guys left. It's such a nice feeling and it made me smile every time i read a new comment :) How i wish i can get invites for every single one of you :( But nonetheless, i hope all of you had a good time feasting, partying and exchanging presents!!! Are you guys ready for the new year already?

Anyhooo i will update this post with pics later! Poor me gotta sleep now and get up early later for work! I really feel like typing out a thank you slash mushy speech to all of you here but i guess i will leave that to later when i'm doing my end of 2012 post hahaha ok love love goodnight! :*

MooJaa Mookata + Giveaway!


Loving the weather nowadays!!! It was so cold on Sunday so i decided to throw on a scarf before heading out to meet my favourite girl in the world for din din!

renew2 image[3]

Meet Elinor :)

moo - 2A
pic credited to cuisineparadise-eatout

image[1] (3)

So anyway, MooJaa kindly invited me to try their new Thai BBQ steamboat, also called Mookata, and i decided to bring E along since i know she loves mookata! Hehe plus it's the perfect weather now to have BBQ steamboat right!!!!

image (4) image
photo (4)

We had a set for 2 and omg just look? They have scallops, abalone slices and CHEESE BALLS!!!! E who tried several mookata before told me that other mookata restaurants don't have these items so i was quite happy with MooJaa's menu! The cheese balls were the highlight of the night really, when i had my first bite into them, the cheese literally squirted out. Do yourself a favour and order them when you're there ok? :D

photo (3) image[10]

The difference between the mookata and the normal chinese BBQ steamboat is that the grill is in the middle while the soup is surrounding it. So the juices from the grilled meats will trickle down into the soup, giving it a really good flavour at the end. Super yums!!! Meh doing this post makes me kinda hungry -____-

image[5] (2) image (2)

We spent like 2 hours+ in the restaurant stuffing ourselves silly and came out feeling really bloated but so happy! I once dined at another mookata restaurant and i wasn't so wow-ed by it... It was just "meh okay i won't say bad but i will never come back again..." kinda experience for me but this time round at MooJaa, i really enjoyed the food (SO MUCH), the service and the whole ambiance there that i told Jens that i wanna bring him there someday and let MooJaa changed his perception about mookata too hahaha

image[4] (2)

Well now since i had my share of yummy comfort food, i really want to do something for you guys this Christmas so i'm going to invite 2 lucky readers to dine at MooJaa for FREE! All you have to do is:

1. Like MooJaa's Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/MooJaa.sg
2. Share this post on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/francescatzl/posts/459867110736164
3. Leave a comment in the comment box below with your name, your Facebook name, your email and what are your plans for this coming Christmas!

It's so easy! I will be picking the 2 lucky readers on the 24th so fire away and leave your comments NOW!!!!!

Good luck!


Holla!!! How's December treating you guys so far? I'm thinking of doing a goodbye 2012 post soon, should i?

Anyway! Introducing y'all one of online shops that i think all of you should look out for - Nolipservices! Even if the clothes they sell are not your cup of tea (which is almost impossible), i bet the models are. Eye candies to the max hehehe


Frigging love this Zara inspired studded top!!!



I wore this out during dinner the other day and someone said to me "this one from Zara right? nice sia i'm thinking of buying it too". I swear i was so happy to hear that! Exact same piece retailing at Zara for... $89.90 i think? Hehehe sucha steal ^_^


Super pretty jeweled sweater! Reminds me of Vivi magazines somehow... You know the Japaneses always wear pullovers like this with sheer stockings and booties right?


By the way I think J's photog skills getting better hahahahha tq babe : )

Head on over to NOLIPSERVICES for the awesome clothes (get ready for xmas and nye guys!!!) and eye candies! Haha i sound like a major stalker geez


IMG_4401 IMG_4434

So anyway after i was done with shooting the above, we went to my new favourite Japanese restaurant - Itacho Sushi at Ion!!!! Just thinking about it makes me wanna have some wagyu beef sushi.........

IMG_4439 IMG_4441 IMG_4425 IMG_4442

Wagyu beef sushi!!!!! First time trying it and i LOVED it ♥.♥

We ordered a lot more but i was SO busy eating. Sometimes i wonder where's my monster appetite from? Meh. The bill came up to almost $90 in the end. Just imagine how much the 2 of us ordered???!!?


Here's just a act cute pic of J. Hehehe.

Anyway there will be a mini flea this Saturday at TheScarletroom's office from 1-7pm (click here). Supposed to be there together with Amanda and the owner, Annie to sell our clothes (YUP i know all of you have been waiting!!!!!) BUT....... I've to be at Scape for The Juice Market for a Maybelline show. Which means i can't sell all my bags of clothes that i've already prepared anymore UGHHHHH

Sigh honestly wishing the flea could be pushed back so i can go for both and meet all of you! :( :( :( :( But even so, it's not something you wanna miss cause a little birdy told me that there will be items from Zara, Topshop and some high end brands AND past TSR collection products!

However if you will be in town on Saturday then do come down to scape and support the Maybelline event :)


See y'all & have a smashing weekend!

12 more days to Christmas I! Am! So! Excited!!!!!! BYE

Chic Kiss Love 2: The Marketplace

Remember this?

376304_455615114456236_232757334_n 582016_455618451122569_1555785962_n


If you loved their previous event, Chic Kiss Love: The Fashion Uprising which was held at Zouk then you're gonna love what they have in store for you this time round. Because this time, it's gonna be bigger, better and longer!

CKL 2 Official

Chic Kiss Love 2 will be bridging the shopping scenes across Singapore and Malaysia, from the comfort of YOUR home. I went town over the weekends and the crowd was crazy already! I don't even had the mood to queue for the changing room, meh. But now there's no need to squeeze through the malls to find that perfect dress for christmas anymore! You can get your holiday shopping done online, from the comfort of your home or while working or during lectures..... (heh we all need a break sometimes right?) Plus plus shipping is FREEEE


Titled "The Marketplace", this online shopping bazaar is gonna be held online from the 3rd to 10th with 40 over labels coming from Singapore & Malaysia for a MASSIVE AWESOME SALE. I'm quite excited to see what they have in store for us too hehe

And formspring me after your purchases to share with me what you got okay!!!! ♥


This December, Chic Kiss Love will give their shoppers a reason to be jolly.

Tony & Guy Artelier 2012/13

So i had my virgin hair show for Toni & Guy Artelier 2012/2013 collection at Zouk on Tuesday.... Oh god let me tell you, if you think hair shows are a piece of cake. You're SO wrong. I started doing my hair at like... 1pm? And Hanks (my hair stylist) only managed to get everything set and done around 8pm? Its crazy i tell you!!!!

338889_10151381631299384_1100250410_o 467382_10151381627994384_631375863_o

I was seriously freezing and tired throughout the whole time... I cannot imagine how mentally and physically draining it is for Hanks and other hair stylists. Ah so proud of all of them!!!!! *clap clap*


Doing last min touch-ups


I had a really sick retro finger curls up-do (no idea what this hairdo is called) and i swear i couldn't recognize myself the moment i looked into the mirror.....

603899_10151150413733663_1897033444_n 401204_10151150415078663_234543734_n

This is Hanks! Really proud of him and his work! He is REALLY patient and professional and super caring! Kept asking if i need a food or water or a break when i'm just sitting there doing nothing haha. Go look for him at Toni & Guy Holland Village! I'm pretty sure he will do an awesome job for you :)

148743_10151150639668663_1517810029_n snapshot (22)

And then i went back home and camwhore a lil hehe loving the eye make up!!! I realised the way you do or style your hair will affect how you look SO MUCH. I never really knew!

snapshot (14) snapshot (25)

Even though the styling was a torture to sit through but i'm so happy to be given the chance and i had so much fun! The only downside about this is that my hair is slightly damaged from all the hardcore spray and teasing hahaha. Ok more pictures from that day later after i get them!

Hope this week's been treating all of you well, have a good Sunday guys love love! X


So a couple of months ago i got the honour of working with Linda Hao for her baby shop - Yesah! It was a really relaxed and happy shoot, super different from all the other photoshoots i've had before. Ah so much fun!!!!

yesah20 yesah11 yesah23 yesah15 yesah24 yesah7 yesah8 yesah1 yesah26

Favourite outfit has got to be the last one! Loving the pants and the forever young top and the pink choker AND the shades!!!!! Not paid or asked to blog about this, i just really love how the photos turned out haha. For those who haven't heard about Yesah, please visit them already! A lot of quirky, interesting clothes and accessories on sale... And you get to ogle at really really pretty pictures of Linda herself and ex-mtv VJ Holly Grabarek ;)

Ok ok i know you're clicking on the red cross on top already... It's ok i still love you. XX

Advertorial: Thejuicemarket

Ok i'm guilty for not updating this space but but i've so many things to blog about! So many photos to share that i've no idea where to start or what photos to post haha but anyway first thing first! I've been meaning to say thank you to Sophia from thejuicemarket for gifting me this really pretty monokini from the new JUICESEA collection and also for being so patient to me because i took forever to blog about it hee


The first thing that came into my mind when i saw this piece is to layer them under my super sheer tops. It's so perfect!!!! Loving the cut outs SO MUCH i can't even explain


I had such a terrible time deciding whether to get the navy, burgundy or the black piece but in the end i chose black because i'm boring like that, gah. But seriously if you can, get all the colours!!!! Can play with the colours and layer them under all your sheer clothes (which i really really love the look of it omg) or wear them as it is........!


Like for the upcoming Zoukout??! I swear you'll look amazing and so sexy AND stand out from the crowd because every girl out there is probably just gonna be dressed in bikini hehe

Thejuicemarket just opened another backorder and it's the 3rd backorder already so go place your orders quick because i don't think there will be another one after this.
You snooze, you lose!!!!

Don't say i never warned ya.

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