Holla!!! How's December treating you guys so far? I'm thinking of doing a goodbye 2012 post soon, should i?

Anyway! Introducing y'all one of online shops that i think all of you should look out for - Nolipservices! Even if the clothes they sell are not your cup of tea (which is almost impossible), i bet the models are. Eye candies to the max hehehe


Frigging love this Zara inspired studded top!!!



I wore this out during dinner the other day and someone said to me "this one from Zara right? nice sia i'm thinking of buying it too". I swear i was so happy to hear that! Exact same piece retailing at Zara for... $89.90 i think? Hehehe sucha steal ^_^


Super pretty jeweled sweater! Reminds me of Vivi magazines somehow... You know the Japaneses always wear pullovers like this with sheer stockings and booties right?


By the way I think J's photog skills getting better hahahahha tq babe : )

Head on over to NOLIPSERVICES for the awesome clothes (get ready for xmas and nye guys!!!) and eye candies! Haha i sound like a major stalker geez


IMG_4401 IMG_4434

So anyway after i was done with shooting the above, we went to my new favourite Japanese restaurant - Itacho Sushi at Ion!!!! Just thinking about it makes me wanna have some wagyu beef sushi.........

IMG_4439 IMG_4441 IMG_4425 IMG_4442

Wagyu beef sushi!!!!! First time trying it and i LOVED it ♥.♥

We ordered a lot more but i was SO busy eating. Sometimes i wonder where's my monster appetite from? Meh. The bill came up to almost $90 in the end. Just imagine how much the 2 of us ordered???!!?


Here's just a act cute pic of J. Hehehe.

Anyway there will be a mini flea this Saturday at TheScarletroom's office from 1-7pm (click here). Supposed to be there together with Amanda and the owner, Annie to sell our clothes (YUP i know all of you have been waiting!!!!!) BUT....... I've to be at Scape for The Juice Market for a Maybelline show. Which means i can't sell all my bags of clothes that i've already prepared anymore UGHHHHH

Sigh honestly wishing the flea could be pushed back so i can go for both and meet all of you! :( :( :( :( But even so, it's not something you wanna miss cause a little birdy told me that there will be items from Zara, Topshop and some high end brands AND past TSR collection products!

However if you will be in town on Saturday then do come down to scape and support the Maybelline event :)


See y'all & have a smashing weekend!

12 more days to Christmas I! Am! So! Excited!!!!!! BYE


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