Xmas 2012

MERRY XMAS!!!!!!! *throws confetti*

Ok first thing first, i'm gonna pick the 2 lucky readers who joined my xmas giveaway now! Because christmas is on the 25th, so i'm gonna pick the 2nd and the 5th person who commented and they are................ *drumrolls*

Untitled1 Untitled2

Congrats babes!! I've sent both of you an email so please check your inbox for more details and reply me to acknowledge within 24hrs else another winner will be picked ok!

To be honest, even though the response for my first ever humble giveaway (hehe) isn't that great but i'm still really really happy reading all the comments you guys left. It's such a nice feeling and it made me smile every time i read a new comment :) How i wish i can get invites for every single one of you :( But nonetheless, i hope all of you had a good time feasting, partying and exchanging presents!!! Are you guys ready for the new year already?

Anyhooo i will update this post with pics later! Poor me gotta sleep now and get up early later for work! I really feel like typing out a thank you slash mushy speech to all of you here but i guess i will leave that to later when i'm doing my end of 2012 post hahaha ok love love goodnight! :*


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