Tony & Guy Artelier 2012/13

So i had my virgin hair show for Toni & Guy Artelier 2012/2013 collection at Zouk on Tuesday.... Oh god let me tell you, if you think hair shows are a piece of cake. You're SO wrong. I started doing my hair at like... 1pm? And Hanks (my hair stylist) only managed to get everything set and done around 8pm? Its crazy i tell you!!!!

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I was seriously freezing and tired throughout the whole time... I cannot imagine how mentally and physically draining it is for Hanks and other hair stylists. Ah so proud of all of them!!!!! *clap clap*


Doing last min touch-ups


I had a really sick retro finger curls up-do (no idea what this hairdo is called) and i swear i couldn't recognize myself the moment i looked into the mirror.....

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This is Hanks! Really proud of him and his work! He is REALLY patient and professional and super caring! Kept asking if i need a food or water or a break when i'm just sitting there doing nothing haha. Go look for him at Toni & Guy Holland Village! I'm pretty sure he will do an awesome job for you :)

148743_10151150639668663_1517810029_n snapshot (22)

And then i went back home and camwhore a lil hehe loving the eye make up!!! I realised the way you do or style your hair will affect how you look SO MUCH. I never really knew!

snapshot (14) snapshot (25)

Even though the styling was a torture to sit through but i'm so happy to be given the chance and i had so much fun! The only downside about this is that my hair is slightly damaged from all the hardcore spray and teasing hahaha. Ok more pictures from that day later after i get them!

Hope this week's been treating all of you well, have a good Sunday guys love love! X


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