A few weeks ago Next held an all day event to show off their latest summer collection. I met Harriet after work and we headed over to the rather lovely Soho hotel, where we were greeted with smiles, cake, sandwiches, bubbly and an exclusive, close-up look at their new range! Some of my favourite bits were the more sporty inspired pieces like below - I think Next do sporty very well actually, and I always enjoy their events!

I also had my hair done and had a larger wave put in… my hair definitely looks better either dead-straight or loosely curled, it looks awful in-between, which unfortunately is how it naturally falls! I'm finding it rather annoying now that it's longer - I never even considered that "frizz" could be a problem…. now my hair is frizzy as soon as I step out of my front door! Does anyone know of any good products to handle this?

After our time with Next, we moved on to Marc Cain's press event, which was being held in their offices down Great Portland street. I'd never actually heard of the brand before Jaclyn told me about them and their UK launch, but at the event they had the most amazing collection of coats! Their shoes were also beautiful; make sure you check out their site here.  

We were treated to very extravagant cocktails, delicious canapés, and we got to try on their latest collection - I did try on an oversized, navy coat that I fell in love with! Not wanting to end the fun there however, Harriet and I then headed over to Bryon for a burger as Harriet had a free food voucher. I literally couldn't move by the end of the evening… I'd maybe had a little too much fun/food for one night! ;)  


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