On Saturday Matt and I popped over to Hackney. I had some samples to return anyway so whist in the area we went to The Hackney Museum to see the current exhibition, 'London Life - Photographs by Colin O'Brien'. It was really inspiring! I love documentary style street photography, especially from past eras, I highly recommend sticking your head in for a peek if ever you're passing! I fell in love with this charming shot below, which is titled 'Cowboy and Girlfriend', and was taken in 1960.

Rather than heading home straight away we went to Clissold Park to meet some friends. We listened to music, drank wine, nibbled on crisps and soaked in the sun before deciding to head home for a BBQ. There was then more music, more sun, more nibbling and much more drinking before the night ended with Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow. I had such a fabulous day and am really looking forward to next weekend so I can have another relaxing Saturday afternoon! On the Sunday Matt and I shot a new editorial with a real Sixties vibe, I can't wait to show you!

I also want to tell you about a workshop that I recently went to, which was hosted by Vonage. The main topic of discussion was freelancing as a blogger and how turn your blog into a business. As I'm planning to go freelance in the next few weeks this was of course completely relevant to my current situation and I left feeling very inspired, filled with new information!

The workshop, which was titled 'Blog to Business' was led by two fabulous bloggers called Emma, who runs a very insightful blog called 'The Freelance Lifestyle', and Elizabeth who has a great lifestyle blog called 'Rosalilium' that covers everything from crafts to cooking! The section of the workshop that I found most interesting was about treating your blog as a brand, and how to achieve that strong aesthetic. I sometimes feel as though this blog is a little confused, perhaps because I've been a little confused over the past year, so a strong brand and overall signature style is something that I'd really like to work on for you guys! I also learnt lots about the "less interesting" parts too of course - some of which hadn't even crossed my mind as a blogger!


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