Poison and Wine


My laptop decides to cooperate with me today so i decided to stop doing everything else and get this post up first before this stupid machine dies on me again. Sigh to think that i still wanna carry my laptop with me when i go to HK the week after next :(


EYE SEE pullover from thepetiterose.com! I have never dress like this before but i absolutely love it!!! So comfy! Jens was taking the photos for me and he kept on saying how he's not used to seeing me dressed like that hahahhahaha


I don't usually do shoots during the weekends but that particular week i had to and Jens was around so he got me breakfast while we were at the petrol station because he knew i never had the time to grab food before my shoots. Ah i think i should work on weekends more often now hehehe

IMG_6004 IMG_6013 inhousefashion


IMG_6050  photo IMG_6035xx.gif

Stripey tee from shopjenith.blogspot.sg!


New shuuuz from younghungryfree.com! Check out the heels!!!!!! Advert coming up soon! I love them sooo much yayyyy


On a Saturday evening after work! Printed shorts c/o joifeth.com :)


Then some time last week i finally had one whole day free for myself so i decided to go shopping!!!! The last time i shopped was during my birthday week which was more than a month ago -___-

IMG_6131 IMG_6134

Super love this paper bag from Topshop!!!!!!


Chunky heels from whiteclothes.co! Still contemplating if i should get these.... They are so freaking comfy but i've way too many heels already. And i shouldn't be spending $ right now. I NEED MORE FLATS. AND TO SAVE FOR MY UPCOMING TRIP. :(


Last friday during Dressabelle's shoot! Speaking of Dressabelle... They have this upcoming polka dot blouse which i really love!!!!! See below! Wore it for 2 days straight hahahaha don't judge okay


At Baba Inn for peranakan food!

SAM_1021 SAM_1013 SAM_1019 SAM_1017 SAM_1015 SAM_1038

And to Udders for dessert after!

SAM_1037 SAM_1007 SAM_1011 SAM_1032

So happy we finally took a proper family pic! ♥♥♥♥♥

It was just a really simple dinner but it made me realised that even the tiniest thing we do together as a family makes my parents really happy. It makes me really happy and i feel so blessed to have them around too! I know family dinners are probably nothing much to some of you but it means a lot to me because my sister and brother are always flying so it's actually damn hard to get all of us together one lor!!!

Ok so anyway.... back to Dressabelle. I feel like i haven't talk about them since forever and i should! One of my favouritest shop ever! Below are just some a few dresses that i really like! Go check out their other collections! They launch twice every week so i'm sure you'll be spoilt for choiceeee hehehe

I bought the summer print dress in mint! LOVEEEEE. Still deciding if i should get the kimono dress! Should i should i not? Black white??! Help me to decide! >>> www.ask.fm/itsfranxcesca



Just came back home from fitting for the Fashion in a City fashion show this coming Saturday and i'm stoked!!! Didn't know it's a pretty huge show. Will be walking for 3 labels yay!!! Please please help me like my photo to increase my chances of winning the "most popz model award" HAHA. Just 2 more days till the voting closes! Thank youuuu :*




So last weekend i treated the boy to his birthday dinners! First we had our favourite Japanese food on Saturday... Nope nope not our favourite Itacho. I googled and saw this restaurant called Fukuichi Japanese Dining with good reviews online and on ladyironchef.com so i decided to give it a try!

IMG_5829 IMG_5830

We really enjoyed the salmon sashimi, grilled bamboo clams with cod roe sauce, soft shell crab roll and the beef roll. The chawamushi itself is already $17 if my memory didn't fail me so yup the prices here are a little steeper but if you're looking for a Japanese restaurant that serves a huge variety of cooked food and food that are fresh, this is it.

Fukuichi Japanese Dining
Triple One Somerset

Then on Sunday, i brought the boy to The Cajun Kings for dinner. This place has no frills and fuss. Everyone eats with their hands here and yes it will be really messy and dirty.

IMG_6077 IMG_6081 IMG_6099

All ready to hammer all the crabs and lobsterssss!


Buttermilk Frog legs ($15), Cajun Fries ($6) and Butter Rice ($3)

We were super excited about the frog legs but it turned out to be quite a disappointment. On the other hand, the fries and butter rice were really good.


Red Sea Prawns in King's Mix level 1 ($22.50/250g)

Ah this is my favvvvv!!!! Our favourite that night! The prawns were so fresh and juicy and the sauce went soooo well with it!


Dungeness Crab in King's Mix level 2 ($80)

This sauce in level 2 isn't as good. We were expecting it to be spicier than level 1 but it wasn't really, it was just bitter. Probably from too much spices. We feel that it wasn't worth the money because there wasn't much meat from the crab so... definitely not ordering crabs the next time we head down there!


Didn't manage to take a photo of the lobster because both our hands were dirty by the time it arrived. But i googled and found a pic of it. Looks exactly like the one we were served. So huge and fresh, in one whole piece! Wish i took a photo with it!!! Image credited to owner! Thank you your picture is amazing ˘⌣˘

Maine Lobster in Garlic Butter ($77)

Another favourite. I am not a fan of garlic but i actually really like this sauce! A lot. I also ordered a French Baguette ($3) to dip into the sauces. How can i ever say no to bread!

We had so much fun eating with our hands and getting dirty. Probably one of the best meal we ever had together! It's definitely an expensive meal but obviously you don't dine there often so i think it's ok to splurge a lil sometimes and have a good and fun eating experience!

It is a perfect place for the boys. Trust me, boys will love this place. Jen and i have already planned to ask some of our friends to head down together soon. I can't wait for another round! Hehehe. We headed to Wimbly Lu (just next door) for desserts after that!

That night after he booked in, i went home and did cardio for an hour straight. Hahahaha felt super guilty from the super duper sinful dinner but seeing how contented and happy the boy is, i guess it's all worth it. :)

The Cajun Kings
15-1 Jalan Riang, Serangoon

Fashion In a City


Come June 29th, Avalon will be holding a fashion party - Fashion In a City. An expected tunout of 1,000 attendees will enjoy a fashion party featuring the much awaited fashion show, be amazed by the array of creative fashion pieces, pamper in the beauty and styling services availble and indulge in music, drinks and food. And if you love any pieces that caught your eye or put your fancy on any of the beauty booths, get them immediately. You guys will be able to purchase the clothing and accessories SEEN on the models by several independent local and international designers on the runway during the event!!!

How exciting! I have always wanted the hat or the shoes or that cute lil top seen on models at fashion shows but have no idea where to get them or they will be like haute couture and be SO EXPENSIVE.

But on this very day, every thing you see will be at special discounts of $50 - $300. Only this day.

A ticket will entitle you to the fashion party (with the media, fashion peeps and party goers) and a party at Avalon after that. It's Saturday afterall SO...... *pops champagne*

+++++ PLUS I NEED A FAVOUR!!!! +++++

I'll be participating in the event as a model walking for a several designers! I'm so excited! They have a prize for the most voted model and even though the rest have votes i don't think i can catch up with already.... but it doesn't hurt to try right? Hehhehe

So if you guys could just take 10 seconds of your time out, please help me like my photo!!!



Also if you want to purchase a ticket to the show and party just drop me an email and i'll be able to get it at a cheaper price for you! But this deal is only until 18th June!


Tattooed lips

So last Frday i participated in the Wonderstellar fashion show at Attica. Arrived at 6 to rehearse and prep yada yada and........


They did a lip tattoo for me!!!!


Ok actually for us. It was a weird feeling. Couldn't smile properly and had a hard time getting it off but it was cool.
I actually kinda like it after awhile hahaha


Bad bad lighting but super pretty shimmery eye makeup. I love it!!! Wish i took this under a better lighting!

IMG_5663 IMG_5664 IMG_5665 IMG_5666 IMG_5913 IMG_5912

With Shuana!

IMG_5651 IMG_5933

And the gorg (and bimbotic hehe) owner of Wonderstellar with my awkward constipated smile hahaha. Will post more photos of that day when i get them from her, soon hopefulllly!

So anyway after the show, i left Attica to head down to Novotel to meet Jens and friends to celebrate his 22nd and his and his bros from camp "1st anniversary" of knowing each other. Haha i know i know... I didn't even realised boys can be so mushy and give flying kisses to each other too. Mmmmm.


With the girls....


and the boys....!

IMG_5669 IMG_5675 IMG_5673 IMG_5668 IMG_5670 IMG_5671 IMG_5672 IMG_5683 IMG_5695 IMG_5703

Super steady bunch. Love love~~~

So that's my Saturday night for you. Nothing much but i'm happy. :)
Till the next post, xoxo.
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