Poison and Wine


My laptop decides to cooperate with me today so i decided to stop doing everything else and get this post up first before this stupid machine dies on me again. Sigh to think that i still wanna carry my laptop with me when i go to HK the week after next :(


EYE SEE pullover from thepetiterose.com! I have never dress like this before but i absolutely love it!!! So comfy! Jens was taking the photos for me and he kept on saying how he's not used to seeing me dressed like that hahahhahaha


I don't usually do shoots during the weekends but that particular week i had to and Jens was around so he got me breakfast while we were at the petrol station because he knew i never had the time to grab food before my shoots. Ah i think i should work on weekends more often now hehehe

IMG_6004 IMG_6013 inhousefashion


IMG_6050  photo IMG_6035xx.gif

Stripey tee from shopjenith.blogspot.sg!


New shuuuz from younghungryfree.com! Check out the heels!!!!!! Advert coming up soon! I love them sooo much yayyyy


On a Saturday evening after work! Printed shorts c/o joifeth.com :)


Then some time last week i finally had one whole day free for myself so i decided to go shopping!!!! The last time i shopped was during my birthday week which was more than a month ago -___-

IMG_6131 IMG_6134

Super love this paper bag from Topshop!!!!!!


Chunky heels from whiteclothes.co! Still contemplating if i should get these.... They are so freaking comfy but i've way too many heels already. And i shouldn't be spending $ right now. I NEED MORE FLATS. AND TO SAVE FOR MY UPCOMING TRIP. :(


Last friday during Dressabelle's shoot! Speaking of Dressabelle... They have this upcoming polka dot blouse which i really love!!!!! See below! Wore it for 2 days straight hahahaha don't judge okay


At Baba Inn for peranakan food!

SAM_1021 SAM_1013 SAM_1019 SAM_1017 SAM_1015 SAM_1038

And to Udders for dessert after!

SAM_1037 SAM_1007 SAM_1011 SAM_1032

So happy we finally took a proper family pic! ♥♥♥♥♥

It was just a really simple dinner but it made me realised that even the tiniest thing we do together as a family makes my parents really happy. It makes me really happy and i feel so blessed to have them around too! I know family dinners are probably nothing much to some of you but it means a lot to me because my sister and brother are always flying so it's actually damn hard to get all of us together one lor!!!

Ok so anyway.... back to Dressabelle. I feel like i haven't talk about them since forever and i should! One of my favouritest shop ever! Below are just some a few dresses that i really like! Go check out their other collections! They launch twice every week so i'm sure you'll be spoilt for choiceeee hehehe

I bought the summer print dress in mint! LOVEEEEE. Still deciding if i should get the kimono dress! Should i should i not? Black white??! Help me to decide! >>> www.ask.fm/itsfranxcesca



Just came back home from fitting for the Fashion in a City fashion show this coming Saturday and i'm stoked!!! Didn't know it's a pretty huge show. Will be walking for 3 labels yay!!! Please please help me like my photo to increase my chances of winning the "most popz model award" HAHA. Just 2 more days till the voting closes! Thank youuuu :*




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