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Happy Sunday Everyone! I thought I would hit you up with a different kind of post today, still about fashion but more about hair then outfits!  On Tuesday me and my cousin Mariam (in the pictures with me above) went to support my other cousin by agreeing to be hair models for her course.

She studies hair dressing and is in her final year, her final assignment was to create 3 very different and unusual hairstyles.  I guess they are marked on creativity, speed and how neat the hair looks.
For me and Mariam it was a fun day out, getting our hair done and playing models! They also had professional photographers there... we slyly felt like stars haha

She added mad long extensions to my hair, fake flowers and twisted the front bit, it only took her 20 minutes, amazing.  For Mariam she curled her hair, raised a bit of the middle bit and as creative as she is used Mariam's necklace as a hair piece.  I named Mariam Queen Sheba and I was Goldie Locks haha

As you can see from the last two pictures when I took out the extensions and was able to rock the hairstyle with my own hair, leaving in the front twist and flower.


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