Plastic Surgery

Recently, i've come across so many people telling me about plastic surgeries and it made me think about it a lot so i decided to write this post from my point of view and listen to what most people nowadays think about it.

I can never understand why is it almost shameful to admit that you've had done surgery to your face/boobs etc? Shouldn't you be proud that you can afford it since it's not exactly cheap and had it done, came out from the surgery looking even better than before? You can't erase your past or the people you met long time ago before you went under the knife so why do certain people still attempt to hide the truth when it's obvious that you look different in some way now? Does that make you prouder and happier to lie and led people on to think that you are "born handsome/pretty"?

I just don't get it.

I know cosmetic surgery is a sensitive topic to talk about but in this day and age, aren't we all less traditional and more open to this already? I don't get why some people like to judge and judge and criticise someone else who had plastic surgery done. I just don't. Is it any of you business that he/she wants to look better and therefore make the effort to change parts of where he/she isn't happy about? Is what he/she is doing making you lose sleep and appetite? Are you not able to carry on with your life because he/she looks better right now?

I won't say i'm neutral to plastic surgery because noone can be neutral about this. You are either ok with it or you're not. Saying that you're neutral about this is just trying to put yourself in a safe spot so that you can go on and hate or support someone when you want to.

I'm open to plastic surgery. I don't see what's the big deal. I know there's a lot of debate about this and people who are against plastic surgery usually say that "one should just learn to love what your parents gave you" or that "you shouldn't try to be somebody you are not" etc etc... But no. Even if you copied someone else's looks, you are still not him/her and you probably won't look exactly like him/her but if you're so lucky that you do, everyone will know that you're not the original. Also, changing your features or the size of your boobs or inserting metal into your legs to make yourself taller doesn't equate to you not loving your parents or being thankful to them for everything. It doesn't. It simply just means that you want to enhance your looks, you want to look better, you want to feel good about yourself, you want to more confident of yourself.

I also hate the ones who likes to say something nasty like "you look better before surgery", "you look ugly now" etc... Do you know how hurting that would be to someone who just went through the surgery? It's a huge decision that cannot be undone and saying that to he/she would do nothing to help but make them worry during their recovery period. I've also heard a lot about people who had post-surgery depression because of that. So if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it.

As for people who are so afraid and shameful to admit that they did plastic surgery before, i really do not understand you and i kinda *judge* you not because you did it before but because you can't be truthful about it. Afterall, what's done is done, whether people around you like it or not, you're still you. The very least you could do is to be real and honest about it.

I have never went under the knife before and i admit i've thought about doing so so many times. And yes, i probably would, someday. I won't hide and lie about it but then again, i won't want to make a huge fuss about it as well. And i know if that day comes, there will probably be a lot of comments, be it supportive ones or the ones that criticize nonstop and it's going to be hard to handle but if changing certain part of my feature(s) to enhance my look is going to make me more confident and happy, i know it's worth it.

What are you thoughts on plastic surgery? Are you against it or open to it? Or are you the sneaky one that is on the "neutral" side?


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