Denim & Blings V.2

Short update!

This was over the weekends when Jens came to pick me up after my work to head for dinner and some meaningless walk around town. Meaningless yes, but i still love walks like this with the boy. Never bored of it!!!!

SAM_2288 SAM_2286 SAM_2287 SAM_2297 SAM_2307 SAM_2309 SAM_2311 SAM_2295 SAM_2322
Topshop denim jacket, Zara top, My Glamour Place faux leather skirt, Lastbusride chained bag, Epicurations necklace, Zara shoes

If you read my previous post here, you would realised it's the same denim jacket and necklace. I love this combi!!! I think the necklace goes SO well with almost every outfit but i love it best against denim *_*

SAM_2327 SAM_2331 SAM_2333 SAM_2329

Brought the boy to Wheelock to try Bangkok Jam! Yum yum but still, nothing beats Diandin Leluk really. I love thai food!!! Where else can i try super good authentic thai food in SG?




Not long ago, i was feeling really down because everything just seems to be going against what i want and i was really moody and upset. I don't know what to do with my life... Like everything just came to a standstill and i wonder what's next for me. I even cried once because i thought maybe i should just stop whatever i'm doing right now, be it modelling or blogging or studying and just start afresh again somewhere. But i never want to stop modelling, i don't want to give up on this dream just like this. And then i had a really scary dream about zombies chasing me and biting my hand off on one night so i went on and googled it........

"Zombie attacks are common in pop culture. Dreaming of one may relate to fears, anxiety and overwhelming stress. Do you feel threatened or attacked in your waking life? What is challenging you? What negative feeling or influence do you feel is challenging you and may win?
Since most concepts of zombies relate to zombies being infected by something, this can relate to being influenced or damaged by something internally. Are you fearing you will lose control of a situation or yourself? Do you feel others threaten to control your life or take away your personal power?
A mob of zombies can relate to powerful feelings of stress and overwhelm. Perhaps this relates to a situation that was ignored and has now gotten out of hand. This can relate to a situation in your waking life or a battle you are experiencing internally.
Mobs can often relate to all of the little stressors, fears, and irritants that collectively are becoming overwhelming and overpowering for you.
Dreams like this may indicate to the dreamer that they need a break and also need to sit with themselves and allow themselves to confront uncomfortable and unpleasant feelings and situations in order to allow themselves to resolve what is holding them back from moving forward."
(credits: x)

I guess i was really stressed then. I remember Jens asking me again and again why i looked so sad and i couldn't explain it. I know i wasn't happy happy, but i didn't realised i look sad even though i was smiling and all. 

But things are slowly getting back on track and i'm feeling much better so mini *phew* for now. There are a couple of plans and stuffs going on right now and i'm really super thankful for all the kind people around me who are giving me all the opportunities. I mean i still don't know what is next for me, obviously i'm not going to do all these shoots for blogshops forever so...... But until i know what's next, i'm just gonna go with the flow and be happy. And enjoy whatever i'm doing right now like i always do! 

Zombies dreams are NOT fun at all. 

And if you're stuck like me, or in a similar stituation where you feel really hopeless and things are just looking bleak, don't stop believing. Take a break, talk to people, be kind, be happy, be happy for others, BE GRATEFUL. Sometimes when things fall apart or just don't go your way, it's because the universe is trying to fix things up for you so better things can fall together. :)

Oh by the way, anyone going for zombie run in Oct??! I'm gonna sign up! 
So freaking excited oh maaa gawdddd

Ok rant over. It's almost Friday so TGIF everybody!!! We all deserve a good weekend x


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