Dinner with a view

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My Glamour Place jumpsuit, Lastbusride bag, Zara flats, Michael Kors watch

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So i had a dinner date on National Day this year with Jens at Jing Restaurant


Super happy cause the view was pretty good. Not the best since we couldn't get the outermost table but still... =^_^=

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Some selfies while waiting for our food... Service was quite good and food came pretty fast despite the huge crowd at the restaurant that day


This is the view i see when i stand up! Was sooo excited about fireworks the whole time hahaha. Wait...you mean you don't like fireworks?


And then came our first dish! Pork chop so tiny with a pathetic broccoli at the side :( But it was yummy! Meat was so soft it melts in my mouth!


Shark's fin soup


Jing's homemade tofu! I love tofu! I can eat them all day everydaaaay!

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Selfies again while waiting for my 4th dish hehehehe


No editing of the colours on this photo... Sigh so preeeetty!


Then came our 4th dish..... Oh wait. They served us the wrong dish. This was some kind of fish i've no idea what i thought it was cod but Jens said it wasnt but anywayyyyy it was SO soft and sweet and super tasty with strawbies and grapes at the side. Probably the BEST dish of the night. We knew they made a mistake and served us this extra dish but being gluttons, we kept quiet and gobbled the fish up. Bwhahahaha sorry but really... Yum yum :b


Ok this is the 4th dish on the menu - Soft shell crab! 

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Then suddenly the fireworks came on!!!!!!! Grabbed my camera, took a few shots and decided that videos would be a better idea. See the video below! :D


Our second last dish was vermicelli. The only dish that i wasn't really looking forward to but i actually cleared my whole bowl because it was really not bad hahaha


And desserts came! Mango sago with pomelo! I love pomelo!!!


The food at Jing was, to my surprise, pretty good since there are so many bad reviews about this restaurant online. The only downside about Jing is probably the size of their dishes i guess? I definitely wouldn't mind a second serving of the pork chop and the sweet sweet fish. *grins*


I wish i captured a nicer picture of MBS that night! It was really beautiful against the deep blue skies!


Random photo of the night. Our first "couple watch" LOL bought this during our Hong Kong trip last month! Probably the best buy for both of us! Better picture next time. I really like Jens's watch though, it's in sucha gorgeous royal blue shade!

Ok the fireworks video! You guys kept asking for a video right?? Here it is! My first video on the blog!!! Hahahaha. But seriously i loveeee watching fireworks. I remember last year end Jens and i didn't manage to make it on time at 12mn to catch the fireworks and i was so freaking upset the whole night. It felt like i didn't end my 2012/start my 2013 well? Come to think about it i was being kinda ridiculous la hahaha

Anyway there you go! You might wanna check out Jing or the other restaurants at One Fullerton if you want to dine with a view! Remember to try the sweet fish i talked about when you're there too (and maybe let me know what fish is it/the name of the dish) :)


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