Visuals #2

In the mood to do a random visual post today! Mostly from my trusty Iphone!

IMG_6958 IMG_6940 IMG_6941

After Ohsofickle's shoot at Naumi Hotel!


I'm addicted to ayam penyet!!!!! The chilli is SO good and so goddamn spicy! Damn shiok really


Dinner some time ago at Mongkok Dim Sum! I love their zi char more than their dim sum here. Love love love the salted egg prawns sigh yum


Participated in the Magnum Pink (Champagne) & Black (Espresso) launch party not long ago at Clark Quay. Have you tried new flavours?


Just last weekend at the Mercedes Benz CLA launch. Love how they pouf my hair into a sleek ponytail but omg HATE the make up so much it's 5x thicker than my photoshoot make up and it gave me 2 new pimples :(


The other day when my chef dad made me dinner just caused i randomly said i'm craving for salmon. Hehehe so love. He saw this photo that i posted on instagram and facebook and for the subsequent days, he continued making me dinner and had them placed nicely on a huge plate like the ones you see in restaurants and insisted that i take photos of them hahahaha <3

IMG_7501 IMG_7528

Couple days ago at Sentosa Golf Club. I wanna learn how to play golf too!!!!

IMG_7522 IMG_7517 IMG_7518

Sorry it's just me, my cap and an auntie umbrella hahaha

IMG_7534 IMG_7284

Korean BBQ at Ju Shin Jung! Love their unlimited supply of side dishes and how thick and juicy their meat were! I don't understand when people tell me they hate korean food. Especially korean BBQ. You mean you don't like meat???!!!?!

IMG_7496 IMG_7495 IMG_7494 IMG_7498 IMG_3337a IMG_3748a IMG_3601a IMG_3427a IMG_4124a IMG_4205a IMG_3766a IMG_7404

Photoshoot at Capri by Fraser at Changi City for Fairebelle's 4th anniversay! Super happy to be able to work with Mabel but felt sooooooo inferior beside her you have no idea


ANYWAY I'VE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU GUYS!!! I've noticed an increasing number of you who have been asking me about waxing, especially brazillian waxing so Strip and i have teamed up together and you guys are in for a good treat! Can't wait for y'all to enjoy bwax or any kind of waxing you wanna do! Will share more info soon, probably by the end of this month so stay tuned ok? 


Have a good holiday you guys! Selemat Hari Raya and Happy National Day SG!!!


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