Past weeks

Got invited by Fashion Martini to take part in their fashion runway show at Attica a couple of weeks ago!


With all the pretty ladies and the owner of Fashion Martini, K! Really happy to be able to meet someone as understanding and welcoming as her! She is also the sweetest!!!!

IMG_7526 IMG_7525

I love love love this midi dress! Little cutouts at the side i love it!!!!


At Pearlmilkteea's shoot last Wednesday! Aw i miss shooting with them so much!


Rushed down to town to meet this gorgeous girl after ^_^

SAM_5034 SAM_5035 SAM_5031

Had our dinner at Restaurant Hoshigaoka! Not bad i would say!


Then Sophia brought me to Milly's cause she wanted to do her nails so i decided to do mine too! My first time there! Really gotta thank this girl for bringing me along :*

SAM_2173 SAM_2174

Can't stop staring at 'em pretty bling bling nails!!! Thank you Milly's! I'm also really happy that Sopz and i FINALLY met up. I can't wait to go BKK with her! Gonna tag along so she can show me all the good food in thailand bwhahaha

IMG_7621 IMG_7576

Went down to Zouk after to meet Jens and all the other wild ones after that hahaha. Good god i so do not miss Zouk at all. It was packed like craaayyyyy someone even pulled my bun while trying to get pass can zzzzz HOW CAN -________-

IMG_7757 IMG_7749 SAM_2167

Favourite teochew porridge with the boy after work! I can eat this all day errrrday!!!!


Just got home from a super long day (was awake at 730 today, out at 9 and only just got home :( ) and was suddenly in the mood to do like a small update on what was going on recently so there you go! I'm halfway through editing my Hong Kong day #4 pictures, National Day dinner and an advertorial coming up! Having a really really bad cramps right now so poor me shall go and wash up, snuggle in bed and do work!

See you in the next post! XOXO


Oh my dad just came home with durians YAYYY shall go eat first hehehehe glutton forever ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ


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