2 in the morning

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Looking through these pictures makes me feel like crying. Life suddenly seems so hard.... I really wish i could just go back to being the innocent girl 6 years ago.

I miss you E, we haven't been meeting for like what...? 1 month or more and i feel like we've drifted apart. I know you're busy with your attachment, with only 1 off day every week and i don't blame you. But now that your intership is finally over *throws confetti*, i really hope you'll make time and we can catch up soon ok? You know you're always my favourite girl, you're someone i'll never ever be awkward with & i know deep down i will never be able to find another one like you. I don't know if you'll see this but always know that i'll be here no matter what and i love you!!!! : )

O... *snaps back to reality* ...k

I am stuck at my project and i really have no freaking idea how to do it. No one can help me so what........ I wish i can just fail it without retaking this module. Sighsai

On a happier note, i'm finally gonna meet my primary school kiddos tomorrow! Luv our annual gathering because i get to see how each and everyone of them have changed even though they are always bullying me!!!!! Can't wait for our breakfast dinner yay ^_^ Guess where we are gonna dine at!

Okydokes have a good Monday everyone~~~~


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I need a change.

It's the way it is

Is it okay to want someone you love change they way they are just because you don't like how they are in the present? Is that still love? Shouldn't you be embracing their flaws? Really?

"Love doesn’t seem to follow a plan; it’s not a series of steps. It can hit with the force of nature—an earthquake, a tidal wave, a storm of wild relentless energy that is beyond your simple attempts at control."

But i think...

If you really love them at their best, you will love them at their worst too. That's love.

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