2 in the morning

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Looking through these pictures makes me feel like crying. Life suddenly seems so hard.... I really wish i could just go back to being the innocent girl 6 years ago.

I miss you E, we haven't been meeting for like what...? 1 month or more and i feel like we've drifted apart. I know you're busy with your attachment, with only 1 off day every week and i don't blame you. But now that your intership is finally over *throws confetti*, i really hope you'll make time and we can catch up soon ok? You know you're always my favourite girl, you're someone i'll never ever be awkward with & i know deep down i will never be able to find another one like you. I don't know if you'll see this but always know that i'll be here no matter what and i love you!!!! : )

O... *snaps back to reality* ...k

I am stuck at my project and i really have no freaking idea how to do it. No one can help me so what........ I wish i can just fail it without retaking this module. Sighsai

On a happier note, i'm finally gonna meet my primary school kiddos tomorrow! Luv our annual gathering because i get to see how each and everyone of them have changed even though they are always bullying me!!!!! Can't wait for our breakfast dinner yay ^_^ Guess where we are gonna dine at!

Okydokes have a good Monday everyone~~~~


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