Wasted Friday

All prepped, feeling good, having nice hair, was ready to go have a hell of a night at Avatar awhile ago but now i'm just stoning, all alone on my bed in my ugliest but comfiest shirt ever with makeup still on looking gross already.. . ... .. .... .. .

When did it become so hard to just be yourself? To not be afraid? To not have reserves? Life is so short, we are still so young and we are all gonna be young just this once so why have all these fucked up rules...

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Top & clutch from Stylerally

40 minutes to 6pm ooOoOOoooh yay can't wait for work to be over. I've been searching, copy + paste local blogshops urls and their emails into excel. Yup that's what i've been doing at work for the past few days and i see myself doing the same thing next week too because I HAVE TO FIND THREE FUCKING THOUSANDS BLOGSHOPS. And i'm only at 785 :c

Anyway i've been eating like one cow for the past few weeks. Really is eat non-stop and hungry at every. possible. timing. Gahhh i think i spent too much $$$$ on food, meh this is really bad

6 more (week)days left in the office before my life as an intern is over. Sigh already dreading about going back to school what is this.... :c



Sadness & bubbletea

Everytime i see a depressing post or photo or whatever, i tell myself to stay away from it because i'm sure if i read them, i will feel like crap too. But i don't feel like shit actually. In fact i have been feeling pretty good nowadays. It's just those sad stuffs that makes me sad. That makes me want to feel sadness. Which is just.... Sad. I don't want to feel moody. I want to be happy. I want bubble tea.
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