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Top & clutch from Stylerally

40 minutes to 6pm ooOoOOoooh yay can't wait for work to be over. I've been searching, copy + paste local blogshops urls and their emails into excel. Yup that's what i've been doing at work for the past few days and i see myself doing the same thing next week too because I HAVE TO FIND THREE FUCKING THOUSANDS BLOGSHOPS. And i'm only at 785 :c

Anyway i've been eating like one cow for the past few weeks. Really is eat non-stop and hungry at every. possible. timing. Gahhh i think i spent too much $$$$ on food, meh this is really bad

6 more (week)days left in the office before my life as an intern is over. Sigh already dreading about going back to school what is this.... :c


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