Manly Monday Q & A

On Friday we introduced you to Terry, the most stylish IT guy we know here at Laura's Style. Terry has agreed to partner with us every Manly Monday to answer any manly style questions you may have.

Today's Many Monday question comes from Shawn in the lovely state of Maine.

Q: Should you tuck in a polo shirt or should you leave it untucked?

A: Terry says, "Personally, I think the polo shirt can be worn either tucked in or untucked. The tucked in shirt is dressier and slightly more professional (think casual Fridays at the office), whereas the untucked shirt is for more casual looks (drinks with the office after 5). There are also polo shirts with longer tails in the back, which are meant to be worn tucked in.
The tucked in version
{photo via Pinterest}

The untucked version
{photo via Lookastic}

Personally here at Laura's Style, we are coveting the half tucked look for men. But that is just one woman's opinion.
{Photo via: SUITSUPPLY}

Sequin Skirt

Clutch - £7 H&M sale
Heels - £12 Primark
Peplum Top - £5 Primark
Skirt - £12 Missguided sale

Happy Saturday guys! It's such a lovely day, the sun is shining and I'm happy to be settled in to my new house.  This is the last picture I took from my old place, I actually took this a while ago, a week after coming back from Turkey.

I wore this to the boat party I mentioned a while ago, which was lots of fun.  I don't use discount sites like Groupon much only because I use to buy vouchers and then forget about them and only remember once they have expired lol.  But I saw this boat party voucher for £19, we were on the boat from 7 - 10pm and this also included a BBQ on the boat and DJ, first thing that came to my mind was this would be a perfect girls night out, so 8 of my girls came along.

This outfit was sooo last minute, I was having one of those 'I have no clothes in my wardrobe' moment! nothing looked nice and I was feeling super bloated, hence this cute black shoulder top (blacks great for hiding bloat!!) and I paired it with this sequin skirt to make it dressy, for a last minute outfit I was quite proud.


Yesterday Matt and I spent the afternoon in Camden, which is by far one of my favourite places in London to go out for food and cocktails, there's just so much choice! I tend to head straight for Jamestown road where The Diner is, (it's no secret that this is one of my preferred burger spots), but there's also a Byron along this road and further down there's a great cocktail bar called Fifty Five where they do delicious cocktails and there's a really friendly vibe; it's a great place to pop before a gig! (Back to burgers for a moment, there's also a great place called Haché on Inverness Street, which I highly recommend)!

On a sunny day when you fancy exploring though, there are loads of food stalls about the market and some pretty quirky shops to check out too. As for night life, I've never had a bad night out in Camden! There's a great, gritty pub on the corner called The World's End, it's literally filthy but it's huge, plays great music, (metal, if you're into that), and serves fruit cider, I'm happy. I also love heading to Barfly for their 60's club nights!

Any way on to the good stuff... With Autumn just around the corner one of my favourite British brands, Jigsaw, got in touch and asked me to style some of their new season range. Now, alongside tan tights and a comfortable cardigan, another wardrobe essential to get you through the transitional months is a good pair of boots - something to keep your feet dry but nothing too hot and heavy. These Pixie Chelsea boots from Jigsaw are absolutely perfect - they're really soft and light and I can't wait to start wearing them with black skinny jeans when the weather gets cooler!

As well as my gorgeous new boots I also asked to feature their Leather Mini Skirt, as I love mixing knitwear with interesting textures! A leather skirt, or jacket at that matter, adds a "rock and roll" twist to any outfit, which I think is a great look for winter! You can shop Jigsaw's Autumn range here.


Introducing The Most Stylish IT Guy I Know.........

Okay ladies. Now it's time to get the men involved.

I would like to introduce you to Terry. 

Terry is going to be giving a little much needed style advice to men every Monday here on Laura's Style. We are calling it Many Monday and you just might want to share this info at the start of each week with every man you know.

We asked Terry ten random questions just so you could get to know him better before Monday rolls around. 

LS- Where are you from?
T- I was born in Washington DC, and grew up in Nebraska, Colorado, and Tennessee before graduating high school. 

LS- Where do you live now?
T- I currently live in central VA

LS- What is the best thing about where you live now?
T- I'm a big city person, but I do like the slower pace of things here in a smaller town. 

LS- What book(s) are you reading right now?
T- Not currently reading anything. I'm not much of a reader. 

LS- How old were you when you got interested in fashion?
T- I actually only became interested in fashion a 3 or 4 years ago, so I'm quite late to the game!

LS- What's your occupation?
T- I currently work in IT for the local university, but dream of being a personal stylist full-time. 

LS- Who's style do you admire most?
T- I admire many people's styles. I'm influenced by people-watching, and also very inspired by women bloggers. They encourage me to try new things. 

LS- What did you eat for breakfast?
T- I'm such a bad eater when it comes to breakfast! A breakfast burrito and a CranGrape juice. Balances out, right?

LS- What article of clothing can make or break a mans look?
T- I think a shirt is a very important part of making a look work or not. You don't want something too baggy, nor do you you want to be bulging out of it.

LS- What is your favorite day of the week?
T- Currently, my favorite day of the week is Thursday. That's Project Runway night!

We would like to thank Terry for joining us in the mens style revolution! Stay tuned for Manly Monday's beginning on September 1, 2014 right here on Laura's Style.................

You can follow Terry on:

H&M Blazer

Blazer - £30 H&M
Jeans - £14 H&M
Peplum top - old
Bag - Gift
Heels - £12 Primark

Hey guys! It’s been too long since I last posted, I had not even imagined moving houses would take over my entire life.  It hasn't been enjoyable at all, and left me feeling exhausted and stressed every single day.  Thank god it’s all over, I’m just really looking forward to getting back into a routine.

I actually have 3 looks to share from before the move .  I wore this outfit to work, I bought this gorgeous blazer midday on my lunch break, I didn't really have the money for it but it was just staring at me! lol  Luckily on this day I had a work event in the evening, so the jacket came in handy as it became colder later in the day.

Hope you have all been well x

Links of London & Asos dress

Dress - Asos
Bracelet -c/o  Links of London
Heels - Matalan

Hey guys, I hope your all well and enjoying summer, well what's left of it! I took some time out but I'm excited to be back.

The weather is really weird at the moment, its raining a lot, but at the same time quite humid so its quite difficult to decide what to wear!

I teamed up with Links of London for this post.  How gorgeous is my bracelet! it's a bit hard to see from these pictures, but I have my middle name Regina engraved on it.  I have always wanted my name engraved on a necklace or bracelet, but have never got round to doing it.  

Asos has just announced their sale, never a good idea for the bank balance! I couldn't resist this colour dress before summer is officially out.


The last pair of dungarees I owned were a hideous lime green. I was seven-years-old, give or take, and my Mum had picked them up for me at a car boot sale... although I don't think I could pull of that sickly green colour anymore, I do rather like this classic denim style, which were found whilst rummaging in Beyond Retro's Cheshire Street store. Have you ever been? It's like a treasure cave, be sure to visit if ever in London! Any way, I think the key to a good pair of dungarees is size... the bigger the better! Oversized 'rees are cute, fun and flattering, just like big high waisted shorts - yup I've most certainly, (finally), joined the dungaree bandwagon.   


Wearing Vintage Is Not A Trend. It's a Way Of Thinking.

Some may say that wearing something vintage is considered "trendy." Some people may think that fashionista's call something vintage in order to feel trendy. So, what does vintage really mean?

Vintage simply means the date or decade that something was made. In the above photo I am wearing a vintage top from circa 1980. My love for vintage is difficult to explain because it involves a ton of feelings. When I am wearing this heart print flutter sleeve blouse all I can think about is how super cool and totally awesome my sister looked when she wore it. Her nails were long and perfectly painted. (And she did them by herself before people got lazy and nail salons became all the rage. Not that I don't appreciate a good relaxing mani and pedi preformed by someone else on me from time to time. My lack funds just keep me doing mine myself, at least most of the time.) Her hair was feathered and her make up was done to perfection. She was everything I had hoped to become! Later in life she handed her heart print flutter sleeve top down to me. I can only dream about looking as cool in it as she did!

Wearing vintage also helps me be brave. I know damn well that no one wears stuff like this anymore. At least not in my neck of the small woods. So when I wear it, I feel different and I don't even care. I guess it's my way of being a rebel. 

Sometimes people think that when they wear something vintage, they are trying to relive the past. And for some reason they think that is wrong. It's not wrong to want to relive the past. You just might want to try and wear it differently than you wore it back then. That is why there is a bit of an art to wearing vintage. 

When you decided to be brave enough to wear that vintage jump suit, those vintage Jordache jeans, or that vintage cashmere sweater with the slight dolman sleeves and shoulder pads, just try to make it look a little bit modern. You can achieve this through the way you style your hair and make up. Do short unpainted nails instead of long red nails. Wear your hair straight and sleek instead of fluffy and feathered. Wear kitten heels instead of platforms. 
Get it?

Do you own anything that you would consider vintage? Do you wear it? 

Making A Statement Will Never Go Out Of Style

You never have to worry about that. Statement jewels will always be in style as long as you make them work with your look. Fashion is very personal and no one should tell you that what you are wearing is "soooo last season." And if they do, then they don't really "get" fashion. They are just in it for the glam and the recognition. Since you are a Laura's Style blog reader, I know you are not one of those posers. And if you are, maybe you are reading this with the intention to dig a little deeper into the world of fashion in order to find out where you belong in it.
At least we hope so :)



Don't you just love a long weekend? On Saturday I styled an editorial with my dream team, you can see a few behind the scenes snaps on instagram here, on Sunday I had a lazy day editing and sending work emails then yesterday I styled a menswear editorial for a Canadian magazine! It literally poured with rain for the entire day so, as you can imagine, we were absolutely drenched by 5pm! How did you spend your bank holiday weekend?

The Benefits Of The Peplum

A peplum style top is not only a classic style and so pretty, but it also can hide a multitude of sins.

Below you will find some of the benefits of the peplum:

1.) For someone with a boyish figure (straight through the hips with no curves), a peplum can give the appearance of womanly figure.

2.) For someone who has a little extra in the middle, a peplum will totally hide that and make the body appear slim.

3.) If you have a curvy figure, a peplum can help accentuate those beautiful curves. If you've got it, flaunt it!

4.) If you have a long torso, a peplum can give the illusion of a shorter waist and longer legs.

Now do you see what a peplum can do for you?



I'm sorry if I offend anyone by saying this, and what I'm about to say may come as a surprise, but in general I'm not an Alexa Chung fan. However, I was just scrolling through my Bloglovin feed when I came across the image shown above. The post title read, "Alexa Chung looks unrecognizable on POP Fall/Winter 2014 Cover". She does indeed look a little different to what we're used to but only because she's more bare-faced than I think I've ever seen her... she looks "different" because she's less made up and less retouched, and I personally admire this natural beauty far more than any generic, airbrushed representation of a person.

I particularly like the cover option below, mainly because blue is my favourite colour and it works really well here with the orange, but also because of its realness. Celebrities and models are retouched far too much these days, which not only creates a false, and completely unattainable may I add, ideal of beauty, but it's also unnecessary when these people are already so beautiful!

Rant over, happy Tuesday xx

Asos African Print Dress


Clutch - Ebay
Dress - Asos
Heels - Primark

Happy Bank holiday guys! I'm using my extra day off to do wedding stuff and house work.  I'ts been raining all day so I'm wondering how everyone who has gone to Notting Hill Carnival is getting on!!

I wore this to church yesterday, church is becoming the only chance I actually get to dress up these days as my life is so busy.

This Asos dress was super popular last year in the green version, I spotted it on sale in red a year ago for only £30, It's beautiful and elegant, I have already worn it to a Christening and got so many compliments.

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