Wedding: Virgos Lounge

Heels - Primark

Hey Guys, I'm finally back to blogging! It's been way to long.  Miami was amazing, I got back over a week ago but I will post more about it in the next post.  I totally forgot to mention that I had to move houses after I got back which meant more time away from the blog whilst living from a suitcase.  I'm all settled in now and back to my routine.

My cousin got married on Friday and I wore this gorgeous Virgos Lounge dress, I got so many compliments.  I remember a cute little girl who looked about 4 or 5 years old coming up to me and asked me 'Are you a fashion girl' hahaha too cute, I joked with my friend and said, I think this little girl can sense I have a fashion blog!lol

Also at the wedding I got reminded that it was me next, like 20 times! But it is starting to feel too close now, my African Introduction/Engagement party is less than two months away eekkk!


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