O..k i guess it's finally time i update this space.

Life's been pretty good lately and i would say i'm contented with what i have right now. I'm really thankful and i wish things would stay the way it is for as long as possible. Anyhow! Earlier today i was just goggling around, trying to get my itinerary for my upcoming birthday trip to Hong Kong done.

I! Am! So! Excited!!!!!! Formspring me to let me know if there are any places you think i should definitely check out please!

I'm so gonna get fat over there i almost died reading up all the food places that i wanna go. Gonna come back fat and broke. Yay. But anyway i'm most excited for Lamma Island! Crossing my fingers that the trip down to the island would be fulfilled! I know flying to HK is already a good getaway but i feel that i need another getaway that is more.... Peaceful and relaxing for the heart and soul you know...? Hahaha

This week i'm going to have to juggle between work, cleaning my room, getting stuffs and confirming plans for my birthday, packing for my trip and birthday dinners with my family and friends (yay). It's going to be a really tiring week but i can't wait!

So i kept to my promise to blog by the end of April and i did! Even though it's just a really short update of what's going on right now but still.... I hope my blogging mojo will be back soon. Hightlighting on the soon cause Instagram and Twitter makes life so much easier and faster teehee. Ok i'm going to crash now.... Have a great week ahead guys, goodnight! ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ

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