The 10 Best Beauty Instagrams of the Week

It may be the season for embracing minimal makeup and a blow-dryer-free existence, but leave it to our Instagram feeds this week to remind us that summertime polish comes in many forms. Adriana Lima soaked up the Miami sun with a high-octane pairing of fiery lips and gleaming skin, while Lily Aldridge made the case for the pared-down elegance of monochromatic nudes. Japanese DJ Mademoiselle Yulia brought a cool seaside polish to the Gucci resort show in New York City with a neat red mouth and a slick center part, while model Meghan Collison hiked the Subway canyoneering route in Utah’s Zion National Park in fuzzy pigtails and a fresh-faced, outdoor bronze. On location in Albania, makeup artist Dick Page posted a convincing argument for leaning into a steamy day courtesy of model Aamito Lagum’s unpowdered, supernatural glow—because even if you’ve been shivering in the rain all week, there’s always hope that the season’s next big heat wave is just around the corner.

Lily Aldridge Best Beauty Instagrams
Mademoiselle Yulia Best Beauty Instagrams

Cindy Bruna Best Beauty Instagrams

Meghan Collison Best Beauty Instagrams

Soo Joo Park Best Beauty Instagrams

Liger the Great Best Beauty Instagrams

Karen Elson Best Beauty Instagrams

Diana Moldovan Best Beauty Instagrams

Adriana Lima Best Beauty Instagrams


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