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I have been nominated for a Liebster award! Three lovely bloggers nominated me, it’s just lovely you guys were sweet enough to consider me as one of your fave bloggers so thank you Essie from Essie richie, Dave Ole from Male Fashion Uk and Sophie Harris from Sophie Does Fashion.  I have picked Essie's questions to answer only because she most recently nominated me and I'm sure you guys haven't got time to read 33 answers!

So this is the deal…

The Rules:

·                     Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
·                     Nominate 5 favourite bloggers of your choice who have less than 200 followers.
·                     ASK 11 new interesting questions to your nominees.


My Answers:

1.   Describe your personal style in three words.
Girlie, Edgy, Experimental

2. What is your favourite season and why?
Summer of course! I'm always freezing cold so I hate winter, it doesn't help that I have poor blood circulation especially in my hands and feet.  In terms of fashion I love wearing dresses and summery colours, I just don’t see any point in dressing really nice then having to cover it all in a big winter jacket!

3. What is the one thing you would like to undo?
This is a hard one, I guess the best thing to say is nothing because you learn from everything you go through in life whether good or bad.

4. What´s your best childhood memory?
 Definitely the time I spent with my mum, she died when I was 10.

5.  One fashion trend you don´t like!
            People wearing see through leggings, that’s a sin lol
6.  Heels or flats?
  I would like to say both.  But as I'm short  heels win.

7.  How do you spend your free time?
 Chilling with my boyfriend and family.
8. What plans do you have for your blog in the future?
Keep improving the quality of my pictures, maybe add a health and fitness aspect to it, but most importantly keep having fun!

9. Who is your favourite youtuber and why?
 I Have only just started getting into Youtube recently, Shirley Beniang is my fave fashion Youtuber she is gorgeous and so down to earth.  This one is random but I also like a body building Youtuber called Just Add Muscle, they have great tips on eating well and how to work out.

10.  Best book you´ve read so far.
Rich Dad poor dad, this book will open up your mind in many ways.  If your into business like myself you will learn so many business skills, but I think everyone can learn about life skills in general.

11. What are your goals for 2013?
Continue building my business Diamond Petal and buy my first house.

So the 5 people I would like to nominate our:

The Suker for Fashion

My questions: 

1.What is your favourite trend of the moment? 
2.Which celebrity do you think has a similar style to you? 
3. Why did you start your blog? 
4.What is your dream job? 
5.Designer or High Street? 
6. If you had to pick were would be the ideal place in the world to live? 
7.Your favourite film of all time? 
8. Curly Hair of Straight, which do you prefer? 
9. The one thing you would like to do this year that is out of character? 
10.What plans to do have for your blog this year? 
11.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Leave a comment below after you've answer so I can check it out!  Really excited to read your answers!


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