Wardrobe Essentials: Court Shoes

Happy Valentines everyone, what ever your doing and whomever your doing it with, I wish you all a lovely day :-)

Recently I looked through my wardrobe and noticed that I was missing quite a few wardrobe essentials.  To me a wardrobe essential is an item you wish you had and always tell yourself you really need to invest in one of those.  The main items I'm missing are.. perfectly fitted black trousers, a white and black blazer, some plain t-shirts, there's a few more but lets stop there for now.

So today I bought three wardrobe essentials that I have been wanting for quite some time.  Nude, leopard and black court shoes.  Nude and black  shoes go with everything, every girl should have a pair.  I also think a pair of leopard courts are essential, they can jazz up a plain outfit while still looking elegant, plus leopard is every girls fave right?  

Black Court Heels - £9 on Sale Asda

Philip Armstrong Leopard Court Heels - £25 Sale Matalan

Philip Armstrong Blue Court Heels - £25 Sale Matalan

Philip Armstrong Nude Court Heels - £25 Matalan

When shopping for court shoes its all about quality, I have seen many cheap looking court shoes, I would love a pair of louboutin pigalle but right now I'm not willing to spend the money.  I recently spotted a good quality pair of court shoes designed by Philip Armstrong on sale from £40 to £25, I snapped them up straight away with no hesitation!

What are some of your wardrobe essentials?


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