Yesterday saw the kick off of London Fashion Week AW14. Wrapped up in a roll neck and my black, pu leather sleeve jacket I headed central with that excited, fizzy feeling in the pit of my stomach and bubbling thoughts about the day ahead. Instead of the expected colourful parade however, I found a desolate landscape of dreary rain and unescapable blustery wind so, skipping street style scouting altogether, I went straight to Freemason's Hall to meet Leigh and see my first presentation of the day.

Showcased amongst a set of comic book graphics and oversized sweet treats, Napsugar Von Bittera's AW14 collection featured illustrative prints on white with a strong sports luxe influence - (quilted detail, loose, knee length shorts and pulled up socks) - this was juxtaposed with heavy gothic references.

My favourite aspect of this collection was the tight palette of red, white, blue and black from which Napsugar never strayed; the colours worked wonderfully together and I really appreciate consistency in everything and anything! I also loved the black, leather pieces, the fur details and the overall tom-boyish feel. See more of her work here.  

At the Napsugar presentation we bumped into Chelsea and Amy and all headed downstairs for the Ones to Watch show, which featured upcoming designers George Styler, Sarah Ryan, Hiroko Nakajima and Carrie-Ann Stein. Of the four showcasing designers I really enjoyed the photographic prints used by Carrie-Ann Stein, who specialises in knitwear, and I loved the oversized roll necks and block colours featured on a few of the knitted Hiroko Nakajima pieces.



George Styler, the fourth and final designer to show, was by far the most eccentric with incredible attention to detail. Although not really "my thing", (my taste is much more minimal), I did love the shape, structure and texture of this particular outfit shown below.


Before heading over to Somerset house for a bit of street style and to await the Christopher Raeburn show, (exciting), I quickly posed coatless for an outfit snap outside of Freemasons' Hall! As the weather was awful, and I'd had a pretty stressful morning anyway, I'd decided to stick with flats - my trusty DMs - and had worn my favourite tartan culottes with a black roll neck.

By far the most impressive show of the day, Christopher Raeburn returned this season with yet another cool collection of wearable, beautifully structured coats and backpacks. Each model wore a tomboyish beanie to complete their outdoor adventure look - as I'm so attached to my own boy-style beanie I loved this finishing touch!

I woke up at 6am this morning because of the racket the wind was making; I'm really not feeling up for putting on a dress and heels to go down to Covent Garden right now! Never mind, hopefully the rain will hold off a little today so I'll at least be able to get some street style! By the way, this year I have the privilege of the fabulous Matt Lain accompanying me to take photographs, so all of the above are his images, (see more of his work here). I will post a roundup of my own creations at the end of the week, as I'll be taking more outfit detail shots and street style! Stay tuned for day 2....    


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