Midweek updates

So here's a random midweek update cause i feel like it!

My blogging mojo is having it's pms, sometimes i have this strong urge to blog but i've no time while other times when i'm super duper free but i just i wanna lie down use my phone and sleep. I don't want to rush my Model Diary #2 post and leave any details out so... But i promise, there will be a #2. I wanna note them down all as well so i can throw away my 2012 mini diary/organizer... (ok it's more like an organizer i just like to scribble random stuffs on it sometimes) already hahahahahaha. If you have no idea what i'm talking about here, well you gotta read this (click).

SAM_0961 SAM_0960 SAM_0966 SAM_0964 SAM_0963

A rare Friday afternoon spent with the boy, on our way to catch Fast 6!!!


3 weeks back at a CK event with Rebecca!

IMG_5271 IMG_5270 IMG_5268

With Lastbusride owner, R!

IMG_5063 IMG_5067

Spizza date night with Eli. She also gave me some green curry maggi her boss got from BKK and it was SO good. At first i was hesitant about trying it but now i wish she gave me more! Show you guys the packaging the next time if there are any more left in the kitchen! :D


Shoot for Wonderstellar! Finally. I miss them quite a bit. Oh by the way, Wonderstellar will be having a fashion show this coming Friday (7th June) at Attica Too and i'll be walking for them! More details later but please mark your calenders already!!!! THERE WILL BE A PHOTOBOOTH. AND DRINKS.

IMG_5154 IMG_5329
IMG_5044 IMG_5017

Sunday brunch at Paris Baguette. I LOVE THIS PLACE. Probably because i love bread. And their pudding! Even though they are seriously overpriced for such a small bottle of goodness.


2 weeks ago the boy brought me out to a secret place for dinner and AGAIN, i didn't think where we might be going so i left my camera at home so yups.......... Salt Grill & Sky Bar needs to have brighter lightning.


I don't understand people who hates oysters. I love them so much!!! With a lil lemon and tobasco... Mhmmm yum.


I also love scallops! These tiny cubes are so fresh and sweet they kinda just melt in your mouth.

IMG_4995 IMG_4997

We both had steak for our mains that day. So satisfied!!!! I wanna go back there in the day next time. I'm pretty sure the view up there in the day would be as nice hehe


I haven't been painting my nails since CNY and honestly while painting this set of pastel leopard prints, it kinda reminded me how much i really enjoy it. It's quite a therapeutic process you know... You just need to keep calm and have (lots of) patience


Saturday night dinner with my fav boy at our fav jap restaurant again hehe


This is OUR kind of shiokmaki. Tried the Koh Grill & Sushi Bar's shiokmaki (gen 1) and wasn't very impressed with it... :(

Ok so that's all. Abrupt ending but hey TGIW!
Oh and SEE YOU GUYS ON FRIDAY NIGHT ok? Will post details here ASAP!

Be back soon xoxo


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