Being a nineties child, (1990 so only just), I always feel a little bit excited when nineties inspired trends come around because I remember them from childhood; oversized shirts, tie-dye, Birkenstock sandals... that entire era was basically a big fashion disaster, but despite the "wrong-ness", some things were just so right, and still influence our outfit choices today!

I was recently sent this fab jumper dress from French Connection and when styling it, because it's so simple, I thought I could try something a bit quirky with a jumper around the waist... a look that I'm still not overly keen on and I cringe at when my Mum does it... but here I think it kinda works!? It helps to break the black up and also brings attention to my waist, which makes the dress far more flattering I think. Just for good measure I wore socks and sandals, a look I've been shamelessly sporting this summer - some mornings I do look in the mirror and think cr%p, I look like an old man on holiday! What are your favourite "ugly" trends?



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