Lemon Crop Top

Skirt - £40 Topshop
Crop Top - £6 Ebay
Sandals - £12 Primark
Bag - £7 H&M sale
Sunglasses - £1 Primark

When the sun comes out to play, I'm a happy bunny! When I went to my mums house on Saturday In this outfit she said “you look like summer!”, I think that’s the best way to describe it! If you been following me for a while you know I don’t shy away from colour,  this comes out more when it’s hot.

I love this statement crop top, it’s also really comfy and I didn't have to pull it up or down like some crop tops, it stayed in place all day.

I tried to do bantu knots in my hair and failed miserably! My hair curled at the front but not at the back, so I decided to rock it as it was.  I have recently stopped straightening my hair (for now), I'm trying to look after my hair to achieve a better curl pattern, right now I have nice tight curls at the back and front of my hair, but wavy in the middle and can only achieve first day curls. I have also changed all my hair products to natural brands.  If any of my natural girls have any tips please let me know!


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