So a couple of months ago i got the honour of working with Linda Hao for her baby shop - Yesah! It was a really relaxed and happy shoot, super different from all the other photoshoots i've had before. Ah so much fun!!!!

yesah20 yesah11 yesah23 yesah15 yesah24 yesah7 yesah8 yesah1 yesah26

Favourite outfit has got to be the last one! Loving the pants and the forever young top and the pink choker AND the shades!!!!! Not paid or asked to blog about this, i just really love how the photos turned out haha. For those who haven't heard about Yesah, please visit them already! A lot of quirky, interesting clothes and accessories on sale... And you get to ogle at really really pretty pictures of Linda herself and ex-mtv VJ Holly Grabarek ;)

Ok ok i know you're clicking on the red cross on top already... It's ok i still love you. XX


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