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Ok i'm guilty for not updating this space but but i've so many things to blog about! So many photos to share that i've no idea where to start or what photos to post haha but anyway first thing first! I've been meaning to say thank you to Sophia from thejuicemarket for gifting me this really pretty monokini from the new JUICESEA collection and also for being so patient to me because i took forever to blog about it hee


The first thing that came into my mind when i saw this piece is to layer them under my super sheer tops. It's so perfect!!!! Loving the cut outs SO MUCH i can't even explain


I had such a terrible time deciding whether to get the navy, burgundy or the black piece but in the end i chose black because i'm boring like that, gah. But seriously if you can, get all the colours!!!! Can play with the colours and layer them under all your sheer clothes (which i really really love the look of it omg) or wear them as it is........!


Like for the upcoming Zoukout??! I swear you'll look amazing and so sexy AND stand out from the crowd because every girl out there is probably just gonna be dressed in bikini hehe

Thejuicemarket just opened another backorder and it's the 3rd backorder already so go place your orders quick because i don't think there will be another one after this.
You snooze, you lose!!!!

Don't say i never warned ya.


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