Brand new start

1st Jan 2013

It feels weird typing the date but hello to a brand new year, i'm definitely ready to embrace 2013!!!

We've overcome all obstacles we met last year, we made new friends, we lost some of them, we quarrelled with our love ones and then made up with them. We met new work opportunities, we strived, we succeeded on certain things but failed some too. Oh and we survived the supposedly end of world. It was a crazy crazy year for me and i'm so goddamn grateful for everything that happened.

2012 was the start of everything new. I graduated with my diploma FINALLY. I received jobs one after another. I felt appreciated and loved and i was really happy with what i am doing. I overcame my fears and took part in my first ever competition - Elite Model Look 2012. I went through the casting, the semi-finals, the finals and won the title of 'Look of Make Up Store'. I learnt so, so much throughout that short period, and it gave me so much memories that i'll never forget in this lifetime. I met some new (pretty awesome) friends and i received so much love from you guys that i never thought i would have

I wouldn't say there was a huge change in my life last year but overall, it was a good year and i'm so thankful for every single thing that happened, i really am. Hell i would even say that it was the best year i had as compared to the past few years. If i could, i really wanna give each and every one of you who had made me smile, who gave me chances when other did not believe in me a hug. Sometimes i feel that i don't deserve what i've gotten so far, not because i'm leading the perfect life, i'm not but i'm contented with what i have right now and i feel so blessed.

This year, 2013, i know things wouldn't be the same anymore, especially work-wise, but i'm looking forward to see what's in store for me. Hopefully it would be as smashing, or maybe even better than it was last year. I'm really crossing my fingers on that!!!

I know a lot of you have been asking me why i'm appearing less on blogshops and to simply put it, it's because i'm moving on. I wanna challenge myself to things i've always dreamed to do, to become - a model so now i'm depending on my agency to help me with it so... wish me luck! I definitely miss all of you and all the shops i worked for before, SO SO BAD that i even cried about it, but rest assured that i'll always be here still and you guys will still see me around! Reading all the comments you guys left on my formspring really made my day every day, it made me felt so loved and i'm really touched by all of it!! So to all of you reading this, Thank You ♥

I know i will miss 2012 a lot but we all have to move on and be ready to take on whatever that's coming our way. Today's the start of the first page of a 365 page book. Let's write a good one this year. X

Love, Francesca.


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