Last Xmas & NYE

I finally decided to stop being lazy and uploaded the pics from my Xmas'12 and new years eve!!

photo image

Met the bestest for tea at Marmalade Pantry on xmas eve to catch up and exchange presents!


Then down to D's place for xmas potluck! Meet Milo, the fuzzy and super adorbs looking poodle ♥.♥

262711_10151230022433813_45787912_n 71723_10151230022048813_1405753068_n

Super greedy face hahahaha

63999_10151230023128813_393210971_n 521544_10151230026253813_1277570612_n 46468_10151230023903813_788361236_n 

And this super silly dog is Donut! Friggin' cute too but i must admit i'm slightly biased so i still prefer Milo more hahahaha see the next picture!!!


Eeerrrmaaagaaawd so cute right!!!!! BRB DYING

541945_10151230025738813_922467928_n 45031_10151230025658813_1273470334_n 563566_10151230024078813_2079246412_n image[3]

"Come lets take a picture!!! Look at me look at meee!!
................Why don't you want to look at me???! :'("


After the potluck, the rest went for drinks while J and i decided to catch Jack Reacher! Not bad a movie, just a little draggy though?


But before that J passed me my huuuuggeee present!!! I can already guessed what's inside lor.... Surprise fail fail faaaiilll!!!


But i was happy anyway and i wasn't sure what was going on when we took the pictures below but i'm sure we weren't in the right state of mind hahahaha. Don't judge?

image[6] image[7] image[9] image[5]

Went down to geylang for dim sum after the movie because J was hungry. Forever hungry one leh? But still so fucking skinny?? If i have his crazy appetite and eat as much as he does i think i would be the size of an elephant now......



Because it was a good hair and make up day so these pictures deserve to be posted here hahaha. How often do you get good lighting and don't look retarded and chubby in candid photos?! Dinner at my favourite japanese restaurant again - Itacho Sushi!

image[1] image photo image[4] image[3] image[2]

Then it was Club Lava with the rest! Took like a million photos (as you can see below...... these were just a few from the bunch yups) before S surrendered to the alcohol hehehe

644182_10151240886778813_926005904_n 543951_10151240887968813_379803227_n 534430_10151240886598813_882397783_n 534265_10151240887363813_347205461_n 418165_10151240887993813_1839201104_n 406095_10151240886793813_1629481940_n 538023_10151240886858813_1978461548_n 383837_10151240888183813_1849333235_n 307529_10151240887593813_636833081_n 24461_10151240886663813_1947288786_n 224878_10151240888048813_1260079456_n 301720_10151240887833813_844311774_n image[6] image[8] image[10]

Yups that's about it. Hehe hope the pictures made up for my lack of updates!

I'm feeling really awful right now.... Have been feeling unwell since last sunday and today i spent most of my time in bed, not able to move because my head felt like it was gonna explode anytime and i just didn't have the strength to. So sick of taking pain killers, flu meds and chinese meds every day zzzz. Just yesterday, my parents brought me to try my first ever acupuncture because my neck and shoulder hurts like fuck but halfway through the session, i felt really giddy and the sinseh had to remove all the needles from my shoulder :( I feel so weak every day it's killing me UGH!!!!!!!

Anyone has any remedy for muscle aches/stiff neck???



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