Lil black dress

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My new heels was giving me blisters ugh


Attended the EML TV premiere last friday at Cassis! Do you know the whole Elite Model Look competition will be compiled and be aired on the Channel 5 and StarWorld few weeks later? Hehe we watched the preview last week and god, i don't know if it's just me but everytime i see my face on the screen, i cringed. Sigh. Haha aiya but still looking forward to seeing the whole show!!! ✌ ✌ ✌



Anyway i am not asked or paid to say this but..... I FREAKING LOVE THIS MATT LEATHER DRESS!!!!!!!! The leather is so soft and gorgeous and it looks so expensive. It's everything you expect to see at maybe... Zara retailing at probably $100ish? But it only cost $30ish at Dressabelle??! I'm seriously contemplating whether to get the white one too hee. Sharing with y'all cause i'm awesome and nice like that, plus i'm really really happy they made this dress and i hope more people can share my joy too! It should be everyone's dream lil black leather dress hahaha. You can get yours here

A couple of new posts will be up soon! Gonna share with y'all a super easy and healthy recipe! :D

TGIF!!! Have a good weekend x


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