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A LOT of you have been asking me about my make up, my make routines, how i draw my brows, my eyes bla bla and it's not i don't want to do a make up tutorial to show you guys how, but i honestly do not know how to...... :/ Plus i learn all my tricks from YouTube so i shall not be selfish and share with y'all some of my favourite beauty/make up gurus that i subscribed to. Love a not? :D

Michelle Phan

She's EVERYONE's favourite! Right? There's just something about her and her videos that makes me wanna watch it even if the caption isn't the least bit interesting. Plus have you seen her boyfriend yet? Major eye candy please!!

From Head To Toe

Ok guys, this is it. This is THE video for your poor brows. If you need help for shaping your brows, for drawing your brows, this is the video to go to. The most basic and straightforward video already! Jenn is my ultimate favourite!! She's so bubbly and real! And i love it that her skin tone is quite close to mine so it watching her vids helps a lot hee

Dulce Candy

She is so pretty and her skin is freaking good. So many people commented that she looked like J. Lo and Jessica Alba mixed and i really think so too!!

Tanya Burr

Another one with almost flawless skin! *jealous* Her accent grows on me hehehe and her makeup skills are pretty damn good!! Check out her Bella Vampire, Taylor Swift, Aria (from Pretty Little Liars DO YOU GUYS WATCH THIS TOO?!), Blake Lively make up.... Ah so much videos to watch, so little timeee


She quirky, funny and so natural infront of the camera! I'm sure quite a few of you have watched her videos before... Oh and I absolutely love her features!

Holly Ann-AeRee

Another pretty face!!! She looks almost perfect and polished all the time in her videos and i don't understand why. How can anyone look that way always? It's not fair. She haven't been doing much make up vids now though so... :( But if you like watching haul videos or you just wanna look at her pretty face then there you go :)

dope2111 (Promise Phan)

This girl here is.... AMAZING. Super talented. She does mostly transformation make up and most of the time, she really looks like whoever she's trying to transform to. IT'S CRAZY. I'm sure most of you heard about her too... If i'm not wrong i think she was on stomp last year? Haha she's my go-to make up channel every halloween. But i failed and couldn't look like who i want to be all the time :(

I've come to conclusion after typing out this post, that, make up gurus shouldn't be so good looking. They should look bad, and then look good after the make up. So we will look as good as them after too! Right right make sense right??? I get sad and pissed sometimes after i've done my make up because i don't look as pretty as how they are but then i realised later that it's just my face...........


173740498096553642_9UDKOIEj_b 173740498096553642_9UDKOIEj_b

Remember to bookmark this post (especially the video on brows from frmheadtotoe!!) or subscribe to them! Hope you like what i shared! Have a good midweek guys, ♥


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