Outfit for under £30

Skirt - £5 Ebay (here)
Heels - £12 Primark
Shirt - £12 Primark
Outfit grand total = £29

Welcome to my new post that will feature a lot on the blog 'Outfit for Under £30'.  I believe you should dress to make an outfit look expensive, never let an outfit wear you!  I love fashion but I don't want to go broke for it.  Of course in doing this I will only do this post when I have the links to were you can buy the outfit or then the post would be pretty pointless! Unfortunately I do not have the links for the two items from Primark ( I still wonder why they do not have an online store)  These two items are in store right now though.

I wore this outfit to work yesterday, I'm in love with this colour combination, the collar detail gives it that extra pop.  


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