DRx Tricho Hair Treatment #1

Last week i had the honour of meeting C from The DRx Clinic and he introduced me to this Tricho Hair Treatment! This treatment is to treat hair loss, helps to regrow hair by stimulating the scalp and hair cell metabolism and increasing blood flow which will trigger hair growth!

I was of course super excited because i have very little hair and my hair are really, really fine. I was told the success rate for this is more than 90% and results will be seen in 2-4 months. OH GIMME MORE HAIR ALREADY

I then went for consultation and the therapist gave my scalp a thorough scan to see where/what are my problems.....

*gross pictures ahead, you've been warned*


For people with thicker/more hair, you shouldn't been seeing such wide hair line/s but as you can see above .... my scalp is shown clearly. It is also the area where my hair drops the most so if i don't get it treat soon, it's the first place i'll start balding over time.

I have really lil hair on the sides of my head as well... See the area my therapist drew on? I'm supposed to have hair over there. This is also why i don't look very good with my hair tied up :(


*close ups*

My scalp/hair is the healthiest at the back. See how lil hair i have on the top of my head (it's gross when i swim or sweat or go directly under strong bright light because you can totally see my scalp, ugh) and even lesser, finer hair i have on the side of my head.


*even closer view*

Therapist said my hair looks like baby ikan billis. See they are not even black! Like you can hardly even see them... :(


Each healthy hair follicle should have 3-4 strands of hair so my scalp/hair at the back is pretty healthy compared to the ones on the top of my head. Only 1 strand per hair follicle leh see! How can???! :(

I've had enough years of having fine thin hair, so i think it's time for me to have thick, voluminous, crazy hair right?! It's only fair..... I'm so ready for it!!!

I am not gonna put my hopes up too high that i'll suddenly have healthier, thicker and more hair but it doesn't hurt to give it a try right? Will update this space and bring you guys through this hair journey. Only honest opinions, i promised. I'm not oblige to say good things about this treatment if i don't feel that it works so... Hang around this space till the next hair update! Only pictures will tell the truth hmmmm

Starting my first Tricho Hair Treatment later in the morning. Can't wait to see how it is like!!!!!

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Girl with hair woes,


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